Thursday 18 July 2019 Update On Game of Love

Thursday 18 July 2019 Update On Game of Love

This is a New Episode which is Thursday 18 july 2019 Update On Game Of Love which is from the Game of Love July 2019 Teasers, Here  is the thursday update on game of love, Get the Complete episode below

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Thursday 18 July 2019 Update On Game of Love

Pinky scolds Shwetlana. Shwetlana says you keep complaining about Tej and Jhanvi all the time, when you are asked to go against them, you lose courage, your husband is just busy in praying. She says Om, my ex fiance, even if we didn’t had a relation, we have become relatives today. Thursday 18 July 2019 Update On Game of Love

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Veer and Soumya smile. Shwetlana says what did you say, Shivaye never loes, say thanks to me, I taught you even this, its first defeat, not the last one, oh Shivaye baby, how will you fix everything now, sorry you can’t make everything fine, because Rudra’s superhero brother is a superzero now, what happened, why aren’t you saying anything, I hope you haven’t lost your voice by shock. Soumya says he is speechless because of his lovely wife, if Anika wasn’t there to help, our plan would have failed. Pinky and Jhanvi

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ask Anika is she with them. Soumya says Anika got emotional, I will tell them, these three brothers knew about me and kidnapped me, but thanks to Anika, she has stolen the key from Shivaye and freed me, how can I forget, she helped us in kidnapping Bhavya, I m sure she wouldn’t get out of that shock that Anika did this with her, any ways thanks, come on. She hugs Anika.

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Shivaye checks his phone. Anika cries and says Shivaye, I wanted to say this… He says don’t say anything. She goes to Shwetlana and says tell me what should I do. Shwetlana says don’t worry, we Kapoors will see your destruction. Shivaye says your wish won’t be fulfilled, you will be getting ruined, right Om. Om and Shivaye laugh. Veer, Soumya, and Roop get shocked. Everyone looks on. Roop says I think they have gone mad. Shivaye asks why are you crying Anika, why are you all worried, Rudy got married. Om asks Gauri to distribute sweets. Shivaye asks Khanna to play dhol. Shivom dance. Om asks Gauri to dance, its Rudra’s marriage. Shivaye says chill, Rudy got married. Om asks Jhanvi to dance. Soumya asks what are they doing. Shwetlana says they have lost their minds. Shivaye asks Tej to dance. Thursday 18 July 2019 Update On Game of Love

Tej says stop it, what nonsense. Shivom laugh. Shwetlana says I like your spirit, who dances on own destruction. Shivaye says we are celebrating your defeat. Shwetlana asks what do you want to say. He says your sister’s mu dikhai happened, why don’t you do your Jiju’s mu dikhai. They get the groom. Shivaye gets Soumya and asks are you ready for mu dikhai. He removes sehra. They see someone and get shocked.

Shivaye says Soumya don’t think you got married, we Oberois don’t stoop so low, this actor was paid to play this role. They all get shocked. Soumya throws the garlands angrily. Anika and everyone clap and laugh. Shwetlana asks who the hell are you. Shivaye says you are from girl’s family, he is Soumya’s husband. Gauri says it means Rudy didn’t marry Soumya. Tia says I told you its impossible to defeat Shivaye, but you didn’t listen to me, and see what happened with Soumya. Veer thinks how did this happen. Tej asks where are Rudra and Bhavya. Om calls out Rudy.

Rudra comes dancing. Jashan-e-ishq…..plays….. Everyone smiles. Bhavya comes in doli. Veer, Roop, Soumya and Shwetlana get shocked. Rudra holds Bhavya’s hand and gets her out. They dance. Soumya gets angry. Everyone claps. Everyone say Dil bole Oberois. Shivom and Gauri hug Rudra and Bhavya. Shivaye says Rudra and Bhavya got married. Om says that’s why we asked you to dance. Anika cries and hugs Rudra and Bhavya. She says please forgive me, I had to kidnap you to save Shivaye’s life. Bhavya says no, Shivaye could find me because of you. Anika asks how. Shivaye says I will tell later, let the newly weds take elders’ blessings. Everyone blesses Rudra and Bhavya and hug. Om plays dhol. Duniya me kitni hai nafratein….plays….. They all surround Shwetlana and dance, while making fun of her. Shwetlana shouts enough, stop this celebration. Shivaye keeps the dhol down.

He says so much anger, Dadi says you shouldn’t get angry on auspicious occasion, wait, have sweets, after all your sister and my brother got married today, forget the fight, its not imp, we offer sweets to even enemies. Everyone smiles. He feeds her sweets. Everyone claps. Rudra says just a min, you should offer sweets to the one who got married. Rudra says I couldn’t imagine we would get married on same day. Thursday 18 July 2019 Update On Game of Love

He introduces his wife Bhavya and asks Bhavya to feed sweets to her Sautan friend. Bhavya feeds laddoo to Soumya. They all clap. Rudra says but this is wrong, you didn’t introduce me to your handsome groom. The guy says I m Ram Narayan, pleased to meet you. Soumya says just shut up, I don’t believe this marriage. They all laugh. Shivaye says court will accept this marriage, Shwetlana has sent the recording to media. Soumya asks Shwetlana what shall I do now, how did this happen when we made perfect plan. Shivaye says I will tell you, we got to know you are switching bride, so we have switched the groom. Soumya asks how did you know its me instead Bhavya. Shivaye says I had some doubt, but when Anika showed me her mehendi, my suspicion got confirmed, oye oye was written in her mehendi, its our code word, we use it when there is any danger, I understood the bride is switched, I pretended like I didn’t see the mehendi, I then signed Om. Om says when Shivaye told me that we would need more flowers, I understood something is wrong, else why would Shivaye go instead of sending Khanna, that too to get flowers.

Shivaye says Om and I went to check Soumya, but we found Bhavya there. FB shows Shivaye telling Om that Anika tried to give him a hint that there is something wrong. They open the fridge and find Bhavya inside. Bhavya cries and shivers. She says Anika left me here. Shivaye says she has sent me to you. FB ends. Shivaye says you did one mistake to hide Bhavya at the same place, it was a good plan, but not original. Om says when it was confirmed that bride is switched, we made a plan to switch the groom. Shivaye says money can buy everything, even the groom. Om says we had cut the power supply. Shivaye says we took advantage of the darkness and switched the groom. FB shows Shivaye taking Rudra with him. Shivaye asks do you know what happened then. Rudra says Soumya got married to Ram Narayan and I got married to Bhavya

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Rudra and Bhavya are shown getting married. Shivaye says I told you I didn’t learn to lose but to defeat. Anika laughs and says you proved it once again, you are SSO, you are incredible. She says Shwetlana you get insulted all the time, even then you come here, you love us a lot, stubborn woman. Shwetlana says mind your language. Anika scolds her. Shwetlana says Anika….. Anika removes the fake braid. Soumya gets shocked. Anika says yes, Anika…. Shivaye says thank God, I will get free from this braid now. Veer says but Anika was dead. Pinky asks was Anika dead. Shakti says I don’t understand what’s happening. Shivaye says it was a drama, Anika didn’t die, we played this trick to know who is the Oberoi helping our enemy. Pinky says you have done an amazing thing once again. Shivaye says

I have recording of everything that happened here, including your confession, you will be going to jail, the game is now over, who is part of your plan, tell me, you know how police will make you speak you, I m giving you a last chance, who’s that traitor, choice is yours, will you tell me or police. Roop asks Veer to do anything, ask the sniper to shoot her. Veer says I had sent him. She scolds him. Thursday 18 July 2019 Update On Game of Love

Shwetlana says your wish will never get fulfilled. She presses a remote button. The bombs hang down. They all get shocked. Shwetlana says you have never learnt to lose, I don’t accept defeat, I always keep plan B ready, I have decided it, I will kill you all, don’t move else I will press the button. Tia says no, don’t do so, we just wanted to avenge dad’s death, we are not murderers. Shwetlana says shut up, I will avenge my dad’s death, I will kill all of them. Tia says this is wrong. Soumya says everything is fair in love and war, I m with you, lets do it. Tia thinks I can’t tell Shivaye that the real culprit is Roop, Robin and my child’s lives are at risk. Shwetlana asks guests to leave. They all run out.

Pinky asks Shivaye to do something. Shwetlana warns him and laughs. She says I can’t tell you how peaceful I feel seeing you all terrified. She asks Soumya to take Tia out, she will come. Tia says please don’t do this. Soumya takes her out. Shwetlana says what a family, they live together and die together.

She gets back and says you have ten seconds, have fun, spend the last moments together, go to hell. She presses the button and locks the door. Shwetlana, Tia and Soumya run far. Roop says Shwetlana is smarter than you. Veer looks on. Shwetlana counts down and presses a button again. The mansion blasts. She laughs and hugs Soumya. They congratulate each other. Tia cries. Shwetlana says we have killed the Oberois. They see police arriving.

Still On Thursday 18 July 2019 Update On Game of Love

Shwetlana says see everything is over, even the Oberois. Shivaye says your sense of humor is nonsense like you. She turns and gets shocked seeing everyone. Roop and Veer also get shocked. Shivaye stops the police. Roop asks how did they get saved. Veer says I m also thinking the same, how does Shivaye save his family always. Roop says Shwetlana can tell Shivaye about you, think about saving yourself, just go for some days, I will be with them and update you.

Shivaye says I keep plans B, C, D to Z ready, I knew you will surely show your true colours, what happened, are you not happy seeing me and my family alive, you must be thinking how we got saved, how could you imagine that you can harm my family, my family’s safety matters to me a lot, what did you think, I won’t find a safety exit at the venue, in case of emergency… FB shows Shivaye saying I have a plan, I have a secret door, just go, hurry up. They all rush. Anika falls down. Shivaye goes to her and they leave.

Shivaye says I don’t know mills truth, but I know my family can’t hurt anyone, you have always tried to trouble us, this time you crossed all limits Shwetlana, inspector please take them away. Shwetlana and Soumya get arrested. Tia says sorry for everything Shivaye. He says give a statement against them if you are really feeling sorry. She says of course I will, but they have kidnapped Robin and my baby, I had to help them and act blind, I wanted to tell you before but they emotionally blackmailed me, sorry. Shivaye says they can’t harm Robin and your baby, I will make sure you get them back, inspector this is your responsibility to find them. Thursday 18 July 2019 Update On Game of Love

Rudra jokes on Shwetlana. They all laugh and hug. Shwetlana runs back to them. She says you don’t have to be happy, this happiness won’t exist for long, you can’t fool me, Oberoi empire’s foundation is made by suppressing Kapoor family and many innocent lives, you can’t deny this truth Shivaye, you can defeat me, but how will you defeat fate, what you have sown many years ago, you have to reap it one day, the way we were suffering, the same way you will be…. Shivaye says just stop it. Anika says forget it Shivaye. Shwetlana says Anika and Shivaye, you are proud of your love, the day the truth of Kalyani mills comes out, this love will turn into hatred, you will pay for the loss, your love, belief, and this belief will be burnt to ashes, remember. Pinky asks her to get lost. She asks inspector to keep Shwetlana handcuffed. Shwetlana stares at them and is taken away.

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