Ring Of Fire Tuesday 11 February 2020 Update Zee World

Ring Of Fire Tuesday 11 February 2020 Update

Ring Of Fire Tuesday 11 February 2020 Update

Ring Of Fire Tuesday 11 February 2020 Update Zee World

Parag reaches home. Vikral asks where was he, he did not feel important to be present in sister’s bidayi. Parag says he went to get gift for Ragini. Vikral asks if he brought it. Parag says no, but will soon. Vikral asks what is his gift. He says he wants to kill Shristi as Anurag will be thinking of only her and not Ragini until she is alive.

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Vikral slaps him and says if that girl dies, there will be mourning in Vidhvan’s house and Ragini cannot be happy there, asks where he went to kill her. Parag says her father lawyer’s house, but Harihar Singh came there. Vikral scolds him and says only Harihar Singh can defeat him in whole Zilla, so he should find out how is he related to Shristi, continues yelling.

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Daadi takes everyone to home temple. While prayers, Anurag looks at Shristi and thinks he did injustice to her and prays for her happiness. Ragini sees him staring at Shristi and stands between them. After pooja, Vishu bring big heavy box. Brijbhan says he will help him. Vishu says it is Shristi’s books and he packed them. Revati tells she brought books instead of gifts. Shristi says these books belong to her. Dulari comments she brought truck load of gifts when she was married. Vishu comments if she tried to control her husband, he would not have run to Mumbai. Dulari yells at Shristi that she brainwashed Vishu. Shristi says she did not why did she question when she cannot hear answer.

Narad enters and tells Brijbhan that Vikral has sent load full of gifts for Ragini. Brijbhan asks Revati to go and check where to keep gifts. Vidhvan walks out and yells not to let Vikral’s gifs in except Ragini’s necessary items. Revati confronts. He yells he accepted Vikral’s daughter and will not tolerate anything else. Argument starts and Revati says she did not get her right, but Ragini should. Vidhvan draws line between house and says he is drawing partition between their relationship.

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Divya informs Shristi that her brother has come. Samar tells Daadi and Vidhvan that maa sent him to invite Shristi for pagh phera ritual. Daadi says it is good ritual, even they follow it. Shristi comes. Sumer says he came her to take home for pagh pheras. Shristi says house is where happiness is, where is her house, papa did her bidayi to this house and she will not come from here. Dulari comments how can a sister yell at brother like this. Vidhvan tells Shristi that she should go.

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Sumer says his sister will not come and leaves. Daadi gives shristi moral gyan that salt cannot be driven away by salt and tells importance of paghpheras. Vidhvan asks Shristi to go to her house and get books in lieu of pagh pheras. He asks Brij to get car out, bahu will go for pagh pheras. Brij gets Parag’s call and says he can come for pagh pheras. Vidhvan fumes and Revati gets happy and thinks how to convince Anurag for paghpheras.

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