Ring Of Fire Wednesday 12 February 2020 Update Zee World

Ring Of Fire Wednesday 12 February 2020 Update

Ring Of Fire Wednesday 12 February 2020 Update

Ring Of Fire Wednesday 12 February 2020 Update Zee World

Ragini’s friends surround Anurag and greet him with garlands and then entertainment. Mother asks Ragini how her family treats hre. Ragini praises that her MIL takes her care of her well, her dadi sasuma gives moral gyaan, Divya became her friend, etc. Mother asks what about Anurag. Ragini says she can ask him directly. Ragini’s friends continue forcefeeding Anurag with feast. Vikral comes and tells Anurag that he needs to speak and takes him to room.

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Shristi’s friend Pooja enters her room and tells we don’t get what we think of. She asks how is Vishu. Shristi says he does not even know meaning of marriage. Their conversation continues.

Vishu comes down and gets excited seeing so many gifts. Daadi asks both bahus to come to temple for shagun. Vidhvan signals Shristi to go. Daadi gives shagun and money to Vishu. Vishu asks what will he do with so much money. She says he is going out with his wife and may need it. Both couples walk towards door.

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Ragini travels in car with Anurag and looks at him repeatedly, but he looks outside window. Mile ho tum humko bade naseebon se..song..plays in the background. She says it is hot and asks driver to increase AC. She thinks if driver applies brake, she will fall into Anurag’s arms. Vishu travels with Shristi and thinks daadi told to feed her something. He sees roadside juice shop and gets juice for him and Shristi. Shristi says she does not need it. He says daadi told to feed her something. Driver applies brakes and Ragini falls on Anurag and thinks at least via pagh phera ritual, she is close to Anurag.

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Anurag goes down getting ready and sees Vikral ordering Narad to load house full of gifts in truck. He says Anurag that he is sending these gifts for her daughter. Ragini says even he can use them. Anurag thinks he hates all this, but has no other option. Vikral asks Narad where is Parag. Narad says he left with armed guard. Vikral asks to find out where he is. Parag reaches outside Purshotam’s house and waits for Shirsti to come out. Sumer brings lots of gifts for Shristi and tells he will load them in tempo. Shristi says she will not take anything.

Purshotam says let her do whatever she things right. Shristi walks out holding kalash. Ragini walks near door. Her friend taunts not to forget them if she goes to London with her English husband. Ragini goes to take Vikral’s blessing. Vikral gives her moral gyaan to win Anurag’s heart. Parag points gun at her hiding and thinks Anurag is comparing this girl to his sister, he will kill her and give best gift to his sister, but then stops when Vishu stands before her.


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