Monday 29 July 2019 Update On Kulfi The Singing Star

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Monday 29 July 2019 Update On Kulfi The Singing Star

Monday 29 July 2019 Update On Kulfi The Singing Star

Monday 29 July 2019 Update On Kulfi The Singing Star

The Episode Begins with Kulfi hides behind the door and Sikander walks in,Kulfi sees her father’s in him and says what is this happening, Sikander leaves,Kulfi leaves the room too.

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Amyra sees Kulfi all well dressed as a boy and dancing in her room and sleeping in her room, tying him rrakhi and shouts oh no and call friends and says he can be anything to me and has to leave forever,Kulfi walks in and asks did you find anyway,

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Rohan says now we have to.Amyra click Kulfi pic and makes a poster with tag does any one want child and says Kulfi here we have number written too,your father will see this and make us a call,Kulfi says but my father hasnt seen me.

Rohan says one minute and places mirror beside Kulfi pic and says see your father will match your face and he will find it, Kulfi says wow so nice, Monday 29 July 2019 Update On Kulfi The Singing Star

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come lets sshiw this poster to everyone,Amyra says till we find anyone we wwont tell this to anyone and we will find your father and surprise everyone and even you stay home,now go play,Kukfi says thank you so much and leaves.
Tevar sick due to too much alcohol, Minti says why have drinks when you can’t handle it and what was the reason to go to Lovelys party , Tevar says i did this to you to make you happy,Minti says do things for me and not focus on her,Tevar says let me put a camera on you and just focus on you,Minti says good,Tevar says here’s surprise for Lovely,Minti asks why are you doing alL this,Tevar says i went to her bday and didnt gift her and i dont want her to judge you for that so give this to her.

Kulfi very excited and sees Sikander Amyra and Lovelys pic and tries to figure out why doesnt Amyra look like Sikander. Amyra and her friends together waiting for call.(Amyra and friends go people to people’asking if they want boy or is Kulfi their son)

Sikander comes looking for Kulfi in her room she hides behind the door. Amyra says if the adoption geta confirmed my life will be over, Rohan says dont worry all will be fine. sikander sees Kulfis slate and she practicing ma word on it,and goes in tears, Sikander thinks i should be happy that bhaiya wants to adopt Kulfi and he will be here forever but i feel bad that the day he calls bhaiya as his dad he will go away from me.Kulfi thinks Amyra and her friends are helping me i should be happy but im so sad because i feel I will go away from Sikander sir when i meet my dad. Monday 29 July 2019 Update On Kulfi The Singing Star

Amyra says Royal this idea iisnt working and she gets a call, And says i saw a poster can i talk to someone eldar,Rohan says yes uncle talk to me,we are helping for our friend Kulfi,he asks what about his father,Amyra says she is dead so will you be his father and take him away,he says yes.

Kulfi says how long will i hide and now just help me find my father.Amyra starts looking for Kulfi.Minti says Lovely here’s gift from Tevar,cmon open it, Lovely says later i will,Minti says right now,iim interested too, Lovely ooebs the gift and finds diamond nose ring, Minti says why so expensive gift.
( Past : Lovely finding her nose ring,and starts crying and says it was ny favourite, Tevar says dont i promise i will buy you a same one.)

Minti says i will make him give me 15such diamonds and leave in anger, Amyra inform Kulfi that she found his dad,Kufli in tears,Amya says he called and he is coming to pick you up, Kulfi starts dancing and starts crying,Amyra says dance later come now, Kulfi hugs Amyra.

Kulfi very happy and says i can’t believe,tell me how he looks and where he stays,Amyra says when you see him ask him, Kulfi says ok come lets go inform everyone,Amyra says no no not now, wait let him come, Kulfi says i will get back with me bag.Tevar calls Lovely, Lovely asks what all is this, Tevar says you must have forgotten your promises but i haven’t and we will meet today like olf day’s and cuts the phone.

Kulfi sees a butterfly and chases it,later stands still and it gets on her hand, Sikander stands beside her and both look at it,the butterfly leaves, Sikander says when butterfly comes to you it is said,she will bring happiness and so.your bad times will.end and now tell me where are you hhiding i needed to talk something important, Kulfi says me too ,ok let’s

count till 3 and say it together,both talk about Kulfis father.Kulfi asks how do you know, Sikander says he spoke to me first,Kulfi sayd you spoke to him as well, Sikander asks are you happy, Kulfi nods yes but there are butterflies in my stomach, Sikander says oh i have the same feeling, Kulfi asks are you happy, Sikander says if you are happy even i am.Kulfi starts dancing and singing in happiness and makes Sikander join her. Monday 29 July 2019 Update On Kulfi The Singing Star

Amyra says Kulfi come lets play, Kulfi says my bag,Amyra says later and both leave, Sikander says its a great decision and infroms Mohinder and Gunjan that Kulfi is happy about this.Amyra points Kulfi to a man anf she goes running to.him and hugs him, Sikander says let me.get Kulfi you see happiness on his face. The man says i loved your mother nimrat a lot and know your mama setu too,Kulfi in tears looks at him,he hugs her.

Rohan says Amyra how does he know about kulfi,Amyra says i told him,i heard it all on my robo toy,Rohan says wow Amyra good game.

Kulfi says baba lets go meet Sikander sir and others,look Lovely mmaam is here, Amyra says oh god mom and.sees Sikander too,and say oh god why, Rohan walks to. Sikander and says we are playing hide and seek, Sikander sees Lovely and follow her and calls her, Lovely shocked and turns around,Baba says you are good boy right now we have to leave come quickly we will come.back later see god promise, And shows cross,kulfi asks which god is this,baba says i will tell you later,a laundry boy sees kulfi talking to him.

Lovely says im here to see Minti, Sikander says meet her later i have important to talk and takes her along with him.Baba and kulfi leave too.

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Kulfi asks is this our car,he says yes come sit and take her away,a pan seller sees him.Sikander and Lovely ask Amyra where is Kulfi, Amyra says he found his dad and he left, Sikander shouts who, Amyra says i Don’t know, Sikander says god he was talking about some other man,Kulfi enjoying her car drive and sings, Baba scolds get in dont bend ober the window, Monday 29 July 2019 Update On Kulfi The Singing Star

Kulfi says scold me again please,baba asks what,Kulfi says ma use to scold me a lot even mami use too,but i loved when ma scolded me,but you scolded me for first time,i promise i will be your good boy.

Kulfi asks why arent you singing,please sing,baba says ok ok.

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