Married Again Wednesday 1 January 2020 Update Zee World

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Married Again Wednesday 1 January 2020 Update

Married Again Wednesday 1 January 2020 Update

Married Again Wednesday 1 January 2020 Update Zee World

Raj asks if she had a talk with her. She says that she never got the chance to. Divya asks raj why was she feeling that he was behaving very strangely with sarita. Raj says that its in the past and that they shouldnt discuss such stuff. Divya asks whats the reason then, that before meeting his parents, he decided to show off their engagement to sarita. Raj is speechless and caught red handed. Divya thinks that raj is hiding something, and there’s something strange between his and sarita’s relation, and decides to find out whats the matter.

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Location: In the school and vikrant’s office
Abhi proudly gloats that his new mother helped him in his homework. As abhi goes on to show

His friend says that this new mom is his step mom, who’s very wicked and scolds. abhi protest that she’s very good, but the other boys bully him into believeing that she isnt his real mother, and taunt her. He finally loses control

vikrant is busy in meetings, while he gets abhi’s principal’s call, reprimanding him that he should come to school straightaway

The principal tells him that abhi hit another child with stone, and he has sustained head injury. the parenst too reprimand vikrant, while the principal asks him to calm down, aslo saying that abhi has been suspended for a week. Abhi is called in, and seeing

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the principal asks if there’s a major change in his life. vikrant asks him to say sorry. But abhi denies to do so, and gives the reason he got angry

Location: Vikrant’s residence
Sarita is preparing for Vikrant’s and abhi’s evening snacks. Vandana taunts her

]Abhi comes in crying and they are tensed. Sarita throws a barrage of questions at him. Vandana says that

Vikrant asks them to slap him, and tels everything that abhi did. He reprimands her for putting his colouring bottles open in the bag. sarita is boggled. He goes on to tell why abhi got into a fight. He too empha

He says that he was wrong in believing in her

Sarita stops him saying that as long as she’s here, he wont slap him. Kajri too comes.

Vikrant asks her not to pamper him, and asks to make him understand

She instructs abhi to say sorry to Vikrant, and he complies, and also apologises on her behalf. Sarita thinks that abhi so readily complies. Vikrant leaves resignedly. Vandana asks

She thinks that she had kept all the bottles nicely, then how come this happened. She remembers Kajri coming in asking for the tiffin, and she leaving the room, with the bag unattended with kajri. She turns around to ask vandana if

Kajri says that

Vandana asks kajal to go inside. sarita wonders what kind of a granny is this, who for her motive

She says that she would teach her a lesson, as she as a mother can bear anything

While vandana and kajri are having a hearty laugh, sarita comes and says

Vandana asks what can she do, as he wont trust her nor would he cool down easily. Kajri asks her to bear this now. Vandana leaves. Kajri says that its been just one day, and there’s already a problem between the couple, and ask what would she do

Kajri says that she would have to wait and see what is vandana capable of doing.

Abhi asks if vikrant is angry then would she go back to her old mother, just like

Sarita says that she’s his mother and she wont go anywhere.
She thinks that whatever people might try noone can seperate them from abhi.

Vandana talks with kajri, where she says that he scolded her badly. They are thinking

She says that They find that vikrant is overhearing this. She says that she’s worried for abhi that he might be sad They have a hearty laugh after he leaves.

Vandana is assured that she would go to her raj

sarita comes with two suitcases packed.

Vandana says that she would stay here only and have her revenge. Sarita asks her to remember that if the revenge falls on abhi, then she wont bear it. She says that she has nevere seen a mother or a granny like her, who would use her own grandson. Vanadana says that all this belongs to her daughter, and she would se that none of it becomes of sarita’s. Sarita says that she’s just here for abhi. Vandana doesnt want to believe. Sarita says that she is abhi’s mother and thats the truth now. She says that she made a mistake, that she was quiet for ten years, but not this time around. Vandana says that he would be tired of this marriage soon, and she would have to leave. Sarita asks her to think of herself, adn remember that abhi has his mother, who would protect him and never let him fall prey to their tactics. She leaves. After sarita leaves, kajri presents her doubts about sarita’s stern warning. Vandana too is tensed.

In the evening, vikrant comes back to find everything silent and calm, and wonders where is everyone. Vikrant remembers kajri’s doubts. He is tensed that it might have happened. Vikrant goes in to his empty room, and wonders if sarita actually left the house, and thinks as to how to make abhi understand that. He hears abhi’s cries, and rushes to his room. there he finds sarita enacting as gabbar, to please abhi, when he has finished his entire food. Sarita makes fun of vikrant while oblivious that he’s watching her and is getting angry. she then makes abhi understand that he would have to apologise to his father, for his impolite behaviour. Vikrant is overwhelmed to see this, and finding that abhi agrees. Just as he is about to go, he hits his hand on the vase, and its sound startles them, and amkes sarita consciosu and she turns around to take off her makeup. As she turns around, Sarita is with the moustache, but she doesnt notice it. He says that he came here to check on them, but is happy that he’s learning good stuff from his mother. He tells her about the moustache, and she embarassedly takes it off. He turns around and actually has a smile on his face due to that.

Location: Vikrant’s residence
Sarita is helping abhi get ready for school, while kajri and vandana think that she is unfazed by yesterday’s drama. She finds kamla and divya in her house with gift packs. She makes them sit down, while divya says that they should start the new relation with all rituals. Sarita thanks her for coming. Vandana comes in taunting that atleast one of her children is settled finally. Kamla taunts vandana too for her son, rohan. she invites vandana with her family, then says how would she come, as her son is in jail again, and last heard, their house was sealed, hence she is placed here. she advises vandana not to think for her kids, but of her own, so that she might be in jail next time with her son. Sarita asks them to sit, but kamla says that they are in a rush. Vandana says that sarita would come, but vikrant’s coming is in doubt. kamla asks why. Vandana taunts her the answer to this would be given by her ex-bahu. They leave. Kamla asks sarita if they had a fight. sarita says that he’s very busy these days. but vikrnat comes in saying that its indeed difficult, but the first time, they would definitely come on their invitation. Divya says that he takes care of sarita very mudh, and says that she’s very happy for them, and maybe it took time, but she finally found happiness. Divya and sarita express their desire to talk to each other, but kamla asks them to do so in the evening and leaves with divya. Vandana and kajri leave in disgust. Vikrant asks sarita, if she’s happy with divya and raj’s engagement. she is tensed but says yes, and adds that her happiness is immaterial, as raj and divya are getting engaged and her past is behind her nopw. vikrant gives her way to go, and she complies. Vikrant look back baffled.

Location: Jagotia’s residence
Divya is getting mehendi done by her sister in laws. raj passes by, and divya asks how the mehendi is. Raj smiles, but is reminded of sarita with her mehendi. divya asks where is he lost. He says that its good, but a little empty. Divya tells about her allergy to mehendi, but raj asks her to put a mehendi so that the entire bhopal is baffled. Raj says that deeper the love, the colour is as strong, and the mehendi should look so that Bhopal would wonder if there’s any better couple than raj and divya. She is baffled. she thinks that this isnt love, something else. As raj never shows off his love, like he’s doing now.

Location: Vikrant’s residence
Abhi compliments sarita that she’s looking very beautiful and asks who would read the story to him not that she’s going. Sarita says that he would go with her. Abhi says that vikrant never allows him, but she says that she would get him to say yes. vikrant comes in pretending to be angry as to what she shall talk about, and asks abhi if he behaved very naughtily. Abhi nudges her to talk, and she spills out saying that she wants to take abhi to the function. he says that he too doesnt like it, but it would be difficult to take care of him throughout the party. The mother son duo coax him into sayin Yes, if she agrees to take responsibility for him. they both clap, as vikrant turns away. he turns back again and says that there shouldnt be any problem.

Location: Jagotia’s residence
Both kamla and soham are gloating when a guest asks, whi is she marrying a simpleton, and divya grows speechless.Soham asks him not to mind his comment. She thinks that raj should have been with her, but sees that he’s standing distant. She wonders whats raj’s problem, as it feels that he’s doing something and feeling something else, and that her Raj wasnt like this. Just then, she is thronged with munni and her friends. Kamla asks raj to go and get pics clicked with divya. But raj says not now. just then, sarita arrives with her family. Raj says that now that they are here, they would have the ring ceremony.
Divya hugs sarita. Divya asks sarita that she wants to talk to her. Sarita is about to take abhi too, but granny says that she should leave abhi with her. but sarita says that she wont be beffoled again, like last time, and this time he would be with her only. They go aside, where abhi asks for a cold drink and he starts drinking. Sarita asks divya whats bothering. Divya tells sarita that raj isnt marrying her as he loves her, but it feels as if he wants to show or prove something, that he’s hiding from her, and asks if she knows anything about this. Sarita says that he still loves divya an d thats why she went away. she asks her not to bother, as she would talk to raj and explain it to him. She asks divya to cheer up now. Divya thanks her, and says that she has to start a new life getting out of her reel world. She says that she cant repeat the same msitake that she did ten years back, and has to start afresh with Raj. divya is called to start the function. As she leaves, Sarita thinks that raj shouldnt do injustice to divya, and that divya shouldnt get to know that she and raj had started liking each other.

While soham is gloating about divya, divya senses that raj is lost and asks if everythingh’s okay. He complies and says yes. Soham asks raj to start the ceremony. Raj places the ring in Divya’s finger, while looking at sarita, and ends up hurting divya, who is baffled and asks whats he doing. Raj asks that she became a Tv star and now she is pained even by his touch. Divya says that they have to behave as they have the press covering everything. Raj says that she shouldnt bother about press, as she isnt getting married to a hot shot, but a normal man. Divya is embarassed. Then divya too places the ring on his finger. all clap and applaud. Vikrant asks whats the matter as neither of them is looking happy, neither she nor raj. Sarita is tensed. The screen freezes on her face.

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