Lady Luck Wednesday 5 February 2020 Update Zee World

Lady Luck Wednesday 5 February 2020 Update

Lady Luck Wednesday 5 February 2020 Update

Lady Luck Wednesday 5 February 2020 Update Zee World

Yuvraj comes to Prajapati house and sees watchman sleeping. He wakes up watchman and says he wants him to earn some money and shows money bundle. Watchman’s eyes widen seeing money bundle. Yuvraj asks him to inform him whenver Divya goes out of house. Watchman hesitates at first but then agrees.

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Badi maa tells Ansh that they have to speak to Pavitra’s old manager and get some info about Angad to save her. Bhoomi/Divya says she will get help of Maheshwari’s lawyer, but have to meet him personally. She asks them to go and meet Pavitra while she brings lawyer there. Ansh and Badi maa leave in car. Divya then leaves in auto to meet Geeta nurse. Watchman informs Yuvraj that Divya left home.

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Yuvraj follows Divya in car. Divya stops her car outside hospital, calls Geeta and says she is waiting her down. Geeta comes down, takes money and goes back. Divya leaves. Yuvraj follows her.

Ansh meets Pavitra in police station and asks her to give Angad’s info. She thinks if she says, she will be into more deep trouble and lies that she does not know anything as all his addresses were fake. Angad’s puppet inspector comesd and shouts who let Ansh meet Pavitra and shouts that he knows Ansh’s background and will push him back in jail. Divya enters just then with lawyer and tells inspector he can send him to jail for not following his duty. Inspector shuts his mouth. Lawyer asks Pavitra to tell everything about Angad. She says she has his visiting card in her purse, but it may be fake.

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Yuvraj follows Geeta and sees her playing with a child and calling her Muskan Ansh Prajapati, Bhoomi and Ansh’s daughter. He thinks now he got one more way to take his revenge and should plan everything silently without Divya or Prajapati knowing anything.

Divya calls Varun and asks him to check Pavitra’s purse and get Angad’s car. He finds card and tells mobile number is fake. She asks if something also written on right or left. He says printer’s name. She says they can get Angad’s info from there. Ansh says he will call printer and get Angad’s info.

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Ansh and Divya meet Pavitra and say they got Angad’s number. Pavitra asks if they gave number to inspector. Ansh says yes. She says inspector is Angad’s puppet and will inform him now. Inspector calls Angad and informs him everything. Pavitra says Angad wants to spend a night with her in exchange of her freedom. Ansh and Divya are shocked to hear that.

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