Lady Luck Saturday 8 February 2020 Update Zee World

Lady Luck Saturday 8 February 2020 Update

Samarth calls Kavya and says he is standing outside her house. Kuhu asks her to go and check. Kavya nervously goes out. Samarth greets her and starts conversing. Neighbor throws garbage on Samar. Samar panics and washes his hands with sanitizer.

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Kavya says it is his mistake that he is marrying this area girl. He says is it. She starts laughing. He gets her into car and takes her to his home where jeweler shows many diamond necklaces to him. He asks Kavya to select for Muskan.

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At night, Sambhav comes outside Muskan’s home and calls her to come down. She says she will not and asks him to return. He says he will not until she comes down and honks repeatedly. She goes down. Kavya hears horn sound and goes to check. She is shocked to see Muskan going with Sambhav. Kuhu wakes up and asks what is she doing here and where is Muskan. Kavya says Muskan went out. Kuhu excitedly asks if she went with Jiju. Kavya nervously says must be and thinks Muskan should return before anyone knows with whom she went.

Sambhav takes Muskan to a restaurant for party where his friends are waiting for them. Muskan starts tantrum that she did not even get ready and is looking like a maid. He says he has arranged dresses for her and calls designer. Designer as if she is the girl. He says yes and asks her to get her ready like a princess. Muskan coms out wearing beautiful dress and parties with him.

Lady Luck February 2020 Teasers

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Samarth does not get sleep and calls Muskan, but her phone is not reachable. He calls Kavya and asks to give phone to Muskan. Kavya says she is sleeping now and does not want to be disturbed. Samarth says he will wait till morning then. Muskan gets tensed.


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