Kulfi the singing star Thursday 13 February 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Thursday 13 February 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Thursday 13 February 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Thursday 13 February 2020 Update

No lights in chawl, Shantatai tries to convince Amyra to have food and Amyra denies, himmat says we wont leave Sikander let them try as much as they want, we are all with Sikander and will support them, go tell them. Yusuf asks where Is Kulfi. Kulfi outside Chawl, Sikander walks to her, Kulfi hugs him and says when will our problems stop, Sikander says god is just testing us don’t worry.

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Sikander walks inside the room, Sikander asks any updates, Sandy says we tried so many times but they are not ready to return out electricity. Police inside the chawl take their positions. Himat says Sikander we are not giving up and so wont you. Yusuf says lets have food cmon, Police enter the room with Guns and ask everyone to freeze,

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Sikander asks whats wrong, there are kids here and do you have any warrant, Inspector gets whole chawl outside and says you are behind some big plotting, check every house here, Himmat says this is their new way to trouble us, and remember Sikander wont leave this place, we wont leave his side, Sikander says don’t you feel shame, that you are troubling these innocent people, Inspector says Jimmy sirs Son is missing and we suspect you, Sikander says im not behind this, Inspector hits Sikander, and says beware I have eyes on you.

Kulfi asks Sikander what was all that she saw, why were you hitting Fateh, why are you doing all this, Sikander says I don’t want to talk on this matter, Kulfi says I told everyone you will never do anything like this you made me liar, Sikander says stay out, I will manage my mess,

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Kulfi says I saw you shouting and threatening that guy, Sikander says so, Kulfi says you are good guy, you cant do this, Sikander says I will, I don’t need to take your permission, you are kid, behave like one, Kulfi says so is he, just because he is Jimmys son, Sikander says get Amyra in and go to sleep, Kulfi says you are upset with Jimmy, forget the past, let fateh go, Sikander says I wont, I will do as I want to, and if he even moves a bit from there he will be in pain and you wont try helping him.

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