Kulfi the singing star Friday 14 February 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Friday 14 February 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Friday 14 February 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Friday 14 February 2020 Update

Sikander wakes up and sees girls aren’t around him, Kulfi and Amyra walk in and wish him good morning, Amyra asks when will we have electricity back, Sikander says soon, Sikander checks his bottle and asks where is water from this, Kulfi says I threw it, it was smelling was there anything else, Sikander says no nothing, I will be right back and leaves. Kulfi surprised by his behaviour.

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Sikander rushes out. Himmat guiding women on what to cook, goons walk in and spill the water, Himmat and Shanta tai scold them, they get into each house and start throwing things and shatter the whole chawl, Sikander fills his bottle with water and adds tablet and drinks it. Kids and women get scared.

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Police take away Lovely. CM asks Jimmy to announce the winner, Jimmy says the winner is The Bajewalas, Kulfi Amyra and friends very happy and cheer for Sikander, Jimmy very angry, Amyra and Kulfi hug eachother seeing Sikander gained his confidence back.

Jimmy says enough I wont let this happen, this competition is mine, Sikander you will never rise to what I have sent you to and will rot there, Sikander says you want some water, Jimmy says go back to your dirty chawl. Sikander says I don’t want your competition or your award, I have my girls with me, I sang for god and my girls, so your price doesn’t matter and should I reveal that you are also behind Amyras kidnap and CM’s murder plan, Pratap arrests Jimmy.

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Jimmy says who will believe you, what proof you have, no you don’t, CM says I will hire enquiry about this, take Jimmy under custody and inform police about it, Jimmy says let me tell you siknder you will find no proofs about me and also you will get nothing and will make your life worst than what it is now, so keep this name in mind Jimmy Gazdar.

Kulfi looks at Sikander places her hand on his heart and says I know you very well, its not you whom I saw in godown, you are lying, you are hiding something, just return me my baba, and hugs him, Amyra asleep with Shanta tai and others. Kulfi siting with Sikander and says when David kidnapped me and Amyra was kidnapped you were so much worried than why behave with Fateh this way, just forget Jimmy, just because he did this to us doesn’t mean we need to, we don’t want anything from him,

Kulfi The Singing Star February 2020 Teasers

Sikander says you don’t understand few things, you must be feeling bad, angry right, but one day all your questions will be answered but till then you will have to do as I say, even if you like it or not, you are my hero, why be villain, Sikander says have you seen rose, its so pretty but has throwns right, they are villians that save the rose, the situation is same with us, everyone is villain is someones story but hero in his own.

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