Kulfi the singing star Thursday 6 February 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Thursday 6 February 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Thursday 6 February 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Thursday 6 February 2020 Update

Lovely promises Sikander that she will come back after serving her sentence. At the same time, Sikender tells about Jimmy that Jimmy has a hand in the kidnapping of Amyra and the murder of CM. After which Jimmy threatens to ruin Sikender. The show has been extended 2 months ahead. After 2 months, both Sikender and his daughters get upset.

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Lovely speaks to Sikender that I will come under sentence, just you wait me. After which, Sikender shakes his neck. Lovely talks to Amyra and says that she will celebrate everything from her father. Amyra is crying a lot. At the same time, Kulfi is scared to see Lovely. Lovely tells Kulfi on her way to take care of Amyra. Lovely apologizes to Kulfi.

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Sikender tells Lovely that I will wait for you. At the same time, Jimmy takes the name of Jagrata’s winner. Jimmy da Bajewala speaks. At the same time, Sikender’s team becomes happy. But Jimmy does not like it at all. Because Jimmy hates Sikender. When Sikender goes to the stage to take his prize, Jimmy is very angry, says that I will not allow this to happen. You can never win on the jagrat that happened in my place, Sikender.

Jimmy calls Sikender very bad. In response to which Sikender tells Jimmy to drink water, I will get it ordered. Jimmy tells Sikender that you go out of here. Sikender says that you think of me, you see yourself. I do not want your award.

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At the same time, Sikender speaks about Jimmy that you have a hand in Amyra’s kidnapping and CM’s murder. Jimmy says what happens because of what you say, if you have any evidence, then say otherwise. CM says that it is my job to find Jimmy and arrest him. While going on Jimmy threatens Sikender. I will make your life hell after coming out. I will make you useless even in the chawl in which you live. At the same time, the show is extended for two months.

All the people of Chawl are upset because there is no 10 day chawl light. The people of Chawl were talking with Sikender. At the same time, Kulfi is waiting for her father outside the chawl. That’s when Sikender comes.

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