Kulfi the singing star Saturday 15 February 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Saturday 15 February 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Saturday 15 February 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Saturday 15 February 2020 Update

Kulfi hears the kids name is Fateh Gazdar and says god he is Jimmys son. Fateh says leave me dad he has done nothing, Sikander says he has done nothing you think, and raises his bat, kulfi shouts in shock. Sikander sees Kulfi and leaves his bat, Fateh says sir leave her sir, hurt me but don’t harm her please sir, Sikander ties him and locks the door.

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Kulfi looking at him and says baba, Sikander stops her, Sikander walks kulfi out of the ware house and closes the door, Sikander breaks down and says I know kulfi you will never forgive me, Sikander wears his mask, Kulfi sits in confusion thinking of what she saw, Sikander walks in chawl, Kulfi follows him and ass why you doing this, Amyra asks where were you two, Kulfi says Amyra go out, Amyra asks why me, Kulfi says because I asked you to, Amyra leaves

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Sikander walks in chawl, Kulfi tells him about the scene, Sikander runs in warehouse and faints, Kulfi gives him water and asks what’s wrong how did you fall, Sikander says I tripped, Kulfi asks where are you going and what are you hiding, swear on me, Sikander says I swear on myself I’m doing no wrong.

(Sikander running behind Jimmy’s car saying you can get away from it, I know you were behind CMs murder, Sikander faints, Sikander visits doctor and finds he has brain clot which cannot be operated, surgery success chances are just 5% only one surgeon can take this chance and he is in New York,

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Sikander says I can’t afford, any option, Doctor says pray that clot doesn’t burst it will kill you. Sikander says time in my hand, doc says no fixed time, clot bursts you die, Sikander says my daughters will die without me, please save me)

Kulfi The Singing Star February 2020 Teasers

Fateh says im sorry I wont repeat, Kulfi remembers all the lessons Sikander has taught and doesn’t believe her eyes. Fateh keeps begging and says I haven’t done it on purpose, Sikander says next time when you think of escaping think of your parents lives, your mother goes to temple at 8am, to pray for you and then your parents meet at police station and then your father goes to office and your mother to your aunts and later they both are alone, and so if you do anything against my wish they will loose your lives.


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