Kulfi the singing star Friday 10 January 2020 Update

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Kulfi the singing star Friday 10 January 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Friday 10 January 2020 Update

Kulfi the singing star Friday 10 January 2020 Update

Sikander announcing the special dance performance of the kids in Chawl. Loveleen is also called near the Pandal dressed as Ganpati.

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The Kids come dressed as mice while Lovely searches for Amyra. Raju mummy says he has cut all tails in equal size.

The kids start performing while Lovely identifies Amyra. Matka switches the light off while Lovely takes one of the kids along thinking it is Amyra.

Sikander says one kid is missing while Lovely discovers she has taken Kulfi mistakenly. Sikander also finds out in the Chawl that Kulfi is missing and gets worried.

They all discover that woman dressed as Ganpati is also missing. At the same time, Sikander gets shocked to receive a call from Lovely.

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She says she has Kulfi and has escaped jail. Lovely blames Sikander for caring just about Kulfi and keeping Amyra in a dirty Chawl.

She tells Sikander to give Amyra to her or else she will harm Kulfi. Sikander lies that Kulfi is with her friends and is safe.

Police also comes in the Chawl to inform about Lovely escaping the jail. They ask is she has contacted him but Sikander denies receiving any call from Lovely.

Amyra tries to ask about Kulfi but Sikander gets mad at her. Later, she again enquires if Kulfi is in danger.

Sikander thinking about all the confusion and burns his hand while cooking, kids see Kulfi taking care of Sikander, Kulfi applies Haldi on Sikanders hand, sikander says I will get you food, kids walk in and say you don’t have to, Kulfi gets emotional, sikander has food with kids.

Sikander missing Amyra, Kulfi sees Sikander unable to sleep and sings to calm him down.

Sikander tells Kulfi if there is anything she will inform Raju mummy or call him but won’t leave the house and warns other kids too. Kulfi and friends discussing, about the key they got last night. Kulfi shows kids that last night she imprinted the key last night and now they will get a new key from it.

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Sikander goes prison to meet lovely but isn’t allowed as has no permission, Nihalo sees him and starts mimicking lovely, and says I’m very happy she is mad, sikander asks who is she, Nihalo says kulfi spoilt my life then your lovely, Sikander says Nihalo. Nihalo is taken inside. Inspector informs Sikander about Lovely.

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