King of hearts Tuesday 13th August 2019 Update Zee World

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King of hearts Tuesday 13th August 2019 Update

King of hearts Tuesday 13th August 2019 Update,

King of hearts Tuesday 13th August 2019 Update Zee World

Neil’s Mother asks him if he will really marry an unstable woman? She tells him to look at how close Misha is to Sid! Neil says Misha and Sid are Childhood

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She shouts that she will not sacrifice Neil’s life for Misha! Misha panics and tries to attack her. Shs shoves Neil’s Mother and threatens to kill her!Sid pulls her off.Neil tells his Mother that Misha is not always like that.
His Mother walks out, fuming.
DD asks Neil if he’s sure about getting engaged to Misha?He says he’s sure.
DD tells Sid to hold off the engagement.
Sid says it will go ahead as planned and he will get engaged to Roshni.

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He tries to hold Roshni’s hand but Misha shoves her away and holds Sid. Neil silently watches this and leaves.
Sid and Roshni are in the room with Misha who is sleeping in bed.
Roshni takes off the bandage on Sid’s arm to clean the wound and dress it again.
She tells him it will all be okay and tomorrow will bring a new ray of hope and everything will be alright. They both get romantic and hug each other when Misha in her sleep starts calling Sid and asking him not to leave her. He calms her down and let her sleep again. Sid apologises to Roshni who tells him what he’s doing is right.
She stands up and says she will see him tomorrow.

Next morning, Shiv and DD are with Roshni as she gets ready. DD gives Roshni a Chunri/Veil and says Shiv gave her the Veil as a gift on their engagement. Shiv also blesses Roshni and tells her never to lose faith in Sid and wishes her a happier life ahead.
Kesar sees them in a group hug and looks uncomfortable.
Shiv pulls him into the hug and thanks Kesar for taking care of DD and asks him to continue working proficiently. King of hearts Tuesday 13th August 2019 Update

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Kesar says he has to go and get Roshni’s jewelry from the factory, but Shiv offers to go instead.
Roshni is alone in her room.
She wonders why Sid hasn’t called yet.
She calls him and asks how Misha is doing?
Sid says Misha is getting better and he and Neil took care of her the whole night, and there’s nothing to worry about.
He enters Misha’s room and doesn’t find her there. Raj and the whole family start searching for Misha.
He starts looking for her and tells Roshni she has gone missing.
Roshni is about to run off when DD stops her to ask where she is going?
Roshni tells her what happened and DD begs her to stay since Sid is looking for Misha.
Roshni says she has to be with Sid.
She leaves the house, forgetting her Phone in her hurry.

DD tells her Mother that she has a bad feeling about the wedding and doesn’t know why Sid and Roshni are in a hurry.
Her mother tries to calm her down.
Jigna is walking past with the prayer tray. It drops from her hand as DD clashes with her and the fire goes off.
DD says it’s a bad sign.
Roshni’s Grandmother says she’s happy that DD now believes in such things.
DD calls Shiv who is at the jewelry factory. She tells him Misha is missing and asks him to come home soon.
He says he can’t really hear her as the connection is bad but he’s on his way home. He gets outside and his driver says there’s something wrong with the Car.
He gets into a taxi and he’s shocked to see Misha getting into another taxi and She’s headed to Versova.
He orders his taxi driver to follow her taxi.
Sid and Roshni are driving and looking for Misha. Sid gets a call from the Police Inspector who informs him that Misha was seen in a certain part of the town, around Versova.

Sid tells Roshni they are to drive there.
Shiv tries to call Sid. Roshni sees that, and thinks she left her Phone at home, so her Dad must have called her for that. She cuts the call and calls Neil instead. Shiv thinks why is Sid cutting his call and tries Roshni’s Phone but Jigna answers and says Roshni left her Phone at home. He asks her to give the Phone to DD, but she sees DD yelling at the Servant and tells him DD is in the washroom and ends the call. He continues following Misha.
Misha’s taxi stops and Shiv tells his driver to also stop.
Sid and Roshni get to Versova and Neil meets them. The Inspector informs them that Misha was seen entering a jewelry store around there. They see a lady wearing same clothes as Misha and calls her, but gets sad seeing some other lady, then they start searching for Misha again.
Misha enters an abandoned warehouse (same godown in which she was physically assaulted) and Shiv follows her. King of hearts Tuesday 13th August 2019 Update

She opens a latch on the floor and goes underground.

Shiv opens the latch and Misha turns when she hears a sound but continues walking.
Shiv gets underground and continues to follow her.
Misha gets to a point and stops.
A Man and Woman are tied together to iron fittings on the floor.
She brings some food out of the takeaway bag she brought with her and tells them to eat!! She stuffs the food in their mouth.
She calls the Couple her Parents and tells her father she’s finally going to get married to Sid!
Her Mother tells her to stop her madness as Sid doesn’t love her.
Misha tells them that they’ve always separated her from Sid but now, she will get engaged to him as she has already planned on it.
Shiv realizes that Misha has only been acting the whole time.
Misha goes to a wall where she has loads of Sid’s photos and says he only belongs to her; she has yearned and dreamt of marrying him since Childhood and she’s finally going to marry him now.
She then tears one pic and cries. She asks why he made her wait for almost her entire life and says he will never leave her again because she won’t let him go and she will finally become Mrs Siddharth Khurana!
She continues that Neil is a fool to have believed her and even helped in her plan as she doesn’t want to marry him and she will get Roshni out of her way for good!

Soon, she will kill Roshni and marry Sid forever!
Shiv is shocked to hear her confession. Misha starts laughing like a psycho.
She continues talking like she’s deranged.
She offers her father water.
He tells her not to do this to her friend because he doesn’t love her.
She throws the water in his face and slaps him. She asks if he doesn’t love his own daughter!
Her Mother tries to plead and tells her to change her ways but Misha shuts her up. She asks if they are planning to run away and kill her!
She accuses her father of never being proud of her when she won races in school and kept saying she was cheating!
She says she wasn’t cheating, it was just careful planning on her part and she will plan her race step by step. She says her planning is perfect and that Sid loves her a lot! She did his test and he will come to her leaving Roshni! Shiv hears everything.
Shiv takes out his Phone and begins to records her.
Her father tells her she’s betraying herself as Sid doesn’t love her.
Misha goes to one of the thugs she has standing guard and gets a gun from him. Her Mum asks if she has gone mad!
Misha says I respect you both, but that doesn’t mean I will hear your nonsence! She says Sid loves me a lot and asks them to shut up!

She points the gun at her father who tells her out of fear that he will get her married to Sid if that’s what she wants! Her Parents agree to get her married to Sid. She laughs and asks them not to act with her and says Sid is already hers! She says Sid loves me really, and it’s not fake like you both! She says Misha is very strong and Sid is my strength, only Roshni has to move from her way! Shiv is leaving when something falls near him and Misha sends her thugs to go and see what it is.
Shiv runs off and tries to hide himself.
Sid, Roshni and Neil are at Sid’s place.
Raj suggests to Sid that they postpone the engagement as they’re tensed because of Misha. He says DD might have done the arrangements, and asks him to cancel the engagement.
Sid says it will happen because whenever they plan to get engaged, something always happens, so they must get engaged today.
Raj suggests they wait another half hour then.

Shiv is still running underground.
The Men see him and give chased.
He finds a place with network signal and tries to send the video but it fails.
As he climbs back up to get out, someone hits him on the head and he falls back underground.
Misha walks up to him. King of hearts Tuesday 13th August 2019 Update

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Roshni calls DD. DD picks the call thinking Shiv is on the other side.
Roshni’s Grandmother tells her not to make Roshni panic.
DD asks for Misha and Roshni says they haven’t seen her.
After the call, DD tells her Mother that she’s worried because the driver said Shiv took a taxi and he had Roshni’s jewelry with him and he hasn’t come till now. Roshni’s Grandmother asks her not to worry.

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