King of hearts Thursday 9 January 2020 Update Zee World

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King of hearts Thursday 9 January 2020 Update

King of hearts Thursday 9 January 2020 Update

King of hearts Thursday 9 January 2020 Update Zee World

Satya following Koel, as she goes to Payal’s room. Mahi thinks about Satya asking her to see the video of her mum and know her truth. She hears someone’s footsteps. Koel looks at Payal and opens the locker typing the pin. Satya sees the pin and thinks Koel is useful to him. Koel takes a necklace from the locker and wears it.

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She admires herself. Satya comes inside and takes the papers from the locker. Mahi comes there and shouts thief. She holds Koel. Payal wakes up and scolds Koel for wearing a necklace. Payal checks the locker and sees papers in it. She locks the locker. Mahi asks Payal not to scold Koel and suspects Satya’s hand.

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Satya recalls reading the papers and hopes his wish should be fulfilled. During Mahi’s haldi rasam. Satya looks for Payal, and wonders where is she? He looks at Mahi. Mahi also sees him. Tu Mera Khuda plays…………….Satya closes his eyes….

Mahi comes and keeps hand on his shoulder, asking if he is trying to do any problem. Payal comes and asks her to come, says everyone is waiting for the haldi. Satya says haldi is a strange thing, it can change wolf’s face etc. He says it can hide face and the upper veil of the face. Payal asks Mahi to come. Mahi sits for her haldi ritual. Payal feels he knows something. Satya thinks this mum will go to her room now, and starts the countdown. Payal runs to her room and checks her locker.

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He plays a recording of Dhawal, in which he tells the lawyer that he will teach a lesson to Mahi, and will not give any penny to Payal once he marries Mahi. Payal is angry hearing Dhawal’s truth. Satya comes and falls on her feet.

He asks if you got only Dhawal to do this work. Payal looks at Satya. Satya asks her to call the lawyer and enquire. Lawyer tells Payal that Dhawal’s truth came in front of him. Payal tells Satya that time is less. Satya asks her not to thank him. Payal says Dhawal has cheated him and says she will send him back to jail from where she brought him.

Satya recalls telling Lawyer to enquire with Dhawal. A fb of the same is shown. Satya says there will be a problem if the marriage is cancelled at the last minute. He says people will gossip and will ruin your respect. He says what will Mahi think about you, and says we shall change the groom. He says you want obedient groom who will obey you and become your servant. He asks her to bring Jamai Raja and signs at himself. Payal holds his collar and asks him not to try to be smart.

She says how to believe that you are genuine. Satya asks her not to agree, and gives example. He asks if you want to add poison in your tea then add it, if you want to be ruined then get Mahi married to Dhawal. He says I will leave from here. He takes CD and thinks what to do now. Payal stops him. Satya asks her to order. Payal says you told me Dhawal’s truth, but what to do.

Satya asks her to take him in her team and says I know why you are playing this game. Payal asks what do you know? Satya says you are doing this for love and says you love your daughter very much. He asks her to take him in her shelter, takes off the belt from his jeans and ties in his neck and barks. Does Payal ask what you are doing? Satya says I always wanted to become jamai raja and asks her to hold the belt and make him her slave. Payal holds the belt. Satya stands up. Payal thinks she will drag him to the street once the marriage happens.

Satya thinks she believed on his Dog’s act. He says I am the tiger in human form, and thinks to see me roar when Mahi comes to know about your truth. Payal says okay…you have to do whatever I say from today. Satya says okay…I will do whatever you say.

He takes a belt from her hand and says you have done a good things in your life by taking me in your team. He asks her to be relieved and says we have to change the groom. You have do a small thing, send Dhawal to backside of house, and I will handle everything. Payal looks on.
Dhawal comes to the marriage venue on the horse and signs at Payal. Payal signs him. Naina looks tensed. Payal welcomes him with a tilak and asks him to go to backside of the house to complete the ritual. Dhawal is about to go with his friends, but Payal stops his friends and sends Dhawal alone.

Naina prays to God to stop this marriage anyhow. She tells Satya to stop the marriage and says Payal’s plan is going to be fulfilled. She says I can’t see her life getting ruined. Satya promises her that he won’t let Mahi’s life ruined. He says I won’t let this evil person succeed. He says I am going to do something, which may be wrong, and mahi will hate me after that. He says if I don’t do this then Mahi’s life will be ruined and tells that he will teach a lesson to Payal. He shares his plan with Naina.

Mahi in the room thinks she always got happiness in whatever she had done for Payal, but today she is feeling sad. She looks up in the sky and says Maa…Papa if you would have been alive then you would have told me what is right and wrong. She says I never asked anything from you both, and says today she needs their one sign so that she understands if she is doing right or wrong. She asks them to give her one sign.

Satya comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. Mahi looks on shocked and is about to shout. He keeps hand on her mouth and signs her not to shout. Tu Mera Khuda plays…..They have an eye lock. He tells her that today is the important day in her life and everything will change today. He says I wish you would have agreed on my words, says our relation is over and new relation will start now.

Mahi recalls Dhawal accusing Satya and asks him to leave her. He keeps hand on her shoulder. Tu Mera Safar continues to play. Mahi’s necklace gets stuck with the thread on his neck. They continue to look at each other. Mahi frees her necklace from your thread dori.

Koel comes there and asks what happened? Mahi says actually….she sees Satya gone.
Satya climbs down. Goons are already waiting for Satya and attack him with stick on his head. They kidnap and take him in the car’s deck. Dhawal comes there and locks him in car decks, recalls hearing Satya sharing his plan with Naina. He asks Satya to get rotten in decky until he marries Mahi. Mahi is brought to the mandap by Mitul. Dhawal is sitting there already with sehra/ pearls veil on his face.

Naina is still confused and thinks who is behind the sehra. Payal thinks Satya has played a trick, and thinks she will show his place to him after marriage, and thinks she has failed Dhawal’s plan. Pandit ji starts the mantras. Mahi is sitting thinking about Satya. Payal is happy and smiles, while Naina is confused and tensed.

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Dhawal holds Mahi’s hand. Mahi looks at him. Dhawal moves his sehra and reveals his face. Payal and Naina are shocked. Payal goes from there. Satya tries to free himself from the car. Payal searches for Satya and tells someone that they shall check in the garden. She comes outside and asks her son to check at other side. Mitul hears a noise coming out from car’s deck and thinks why it is shaking.

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