King of hearts Thursday 13 February 2020 Update Zee World

King of hearts Thursday 13 February 2020 Update

King of hearts Thursday 13 February 2020 Update

King of hearts Thursday 13 February 2020 Update Zee World

Afraid that you will be teary eyes if I stay here, says I can’t tolerate if someone tries to ruin our family. He says I want to inherit my father’s values and customs and not his habits. Krutika says I know what I am doing and stops him from leaving.

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Mahi makes Satya wear formal clothes and teach him etiquette and style. Krutika teaches him table manners. Later Krutika asks Deepak that she is going somewhere. Mahi brings breakfast for her and asks about Satya. Krutika says he is changed now and even his foot steps sound is changed. Satya makes an entry in style. Krutika blesses him. Mitul is surprised to see him in suit and says Sid…Sid Khurana.

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Satya smiles and says no…Karanveer Khurana, my new name and identity. He says I was leaving rented life till now, and I will keep my old identity near to my heart. He says Karanveer is born today, and my mum gave me life…my bua is my mum. Krutika is emotional. Satya says you made me called as my baba’s son, and says he is thankful to her. Krutika is emotional and hugs her. Satya thinks to start his plan to expose mum in law. Mahi looks on smiling.

Satya comes to Mahi and asks what she is doing? Mahi says I am making cake. Satya says I can take off my clothes to help you. They have an eye lock. Ruhdariya song plays………….They romance in the kitchen. Kareena comes and asks what they are doing? She says I will also play this game and asks him to let her apply cake on his face. Satya tries to stop her. Kareena applies chocolate on his face. She then asks him to apply on her face. Mahi says even I made chocolate preparation and gives her chocolate. Mahi and Satya get closer. Mitul and Krutika come there. Mahi shows them cake. Mum in law also comes there and says she will eat cake. Mahi says you can’t have this as I made boiled vegetables for you. She says you have diabetes naa, so you shall have thIS

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Mahi says it is enjoyable to meet secretly. Satya asks her to come. Kareena thinks she will take advantage. Satya and Mahi have a romantic outing and have candy floss. Tere Bina Mai Jiyu….plays….Satya tells her that he likes Buddhi ka baal/Candy Floss. Mahi asks if he likes it more than her. He says yes. Mahi goes from there. Satya gets worried and calls her name.

She comes back and says she was teasing him. Satya asks her to think about his condition if she is away and asks her never to leave him. Mahi gets emotional and tells she will never leave him…She says I was bit possessive about candy floss. They hug each other. Satya says pagal…Mahi tells him that she shall leave now, else Kareena will do drama. Satya says okay and asks her to come.

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Krutika makes Raj have his medicines. Raj smiles. Krutika asks is he happy today? Raj says Mahi…she is like Roshni. Krutika says really…they are like Sid and Roshni. Raj gives her black thread. Krutika says you wants me to tie this thread to Satya/Karan and Mahi, and prays that they shall be protected from evil eyeC


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