King of hearts Tuesday 10th September 2019 Update Zee World

King of hearts Tuesday 10th September 2019 Update

King of hearts Tuesday 10th September 2019 Update,

King of hearts Tuesday 10th September 2019 Update Zee World

DD says they left her alone with Aisha despite knowing she wasn’t feeling well and they could have gotten hurt!Sid says he’s sorry and it was his fault. Roshni tells him not to explain himself.

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DD says she’s not done yet and asks Aisha, why did she blow the fire and what if something had happened to her? She asks Aisha why she put herself in danger!
Roshni reminds her that it was Aisha who saved her life! DD says she knows that and says what is the big deal! Roshni’s Grandmother looks on tensedly while Roshni’s GrandAunt smiles.

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DD asks Roshni why she’s staring at her? She says Aisha saved her Granny’s life. She squats infront of Aisha and tells Aisha, if she said right? Aisha smiles. Roshni’s Grandmother also smiles while Roshni’s GrandAunt is shocked.
She tells Aisha she’s sorry for all the bad things she has said to her in the past and for troubling her. Aisha smiles.
Roshni and Sid get happy and emotional. Aisha kisses her and says we are friends from now on. Everyone smiles. DD hugs her and says love you. Everyone is happy except Roshni’s GrandAunt who looks on cluelessly at DD’s decision. DD smiles. Roshni and Aisha gives DD a hug.

Sid says it’s not fair as he worked hard for this, but he gets no love, and got scolded instead.
DD says Sid would have to do some squats. She asks him to hold his ears and do sit ups! Aisha claps. Sid says okay. Everyone is happy. Sid does the sits ups and apologizes.
Aisha counts as he does them.
DD pats him on the cheek and says it’s his share of the love. Sid is touched. Roshni is happy.
Sid says he can’t believe it. DD says she wants to throw a party to let everyone know that her daughter and Son-in-law has adopted a cute baby girl. Roshni’s Grandmother asks what they will now call her since DD is the Grandmother to Aisha? Sid suggests they call her great Grandmother. DD agrees. She says she will call the adoption centre and asks to complete the formalities soon. Sid and Roshni are happy. Aisha smiles.
The goon looks at DD’s photo and plans to ruin her!
Samaria comes to see Kritika at home.
She apologises to her.
Kritika says she understands why Sam behaved that way and tells her to believe that there is nothing between her and Yash. Sam asks Kritika to try and convince Yash to let her come with them to Delhi. She says she has hurt him and she hasn’t spent time with him. Kritika agrees to do it. Sam gives her a hug and smirks.
Sid’s GrandAunt is watching them and shows Sam thumps up.
The family is having breakfast.
Roshni tells her Grandmother that she has a problem; she wants Aisha enrolled in a school but she’s tensed about her asmission. DD tells her not to worry because they have just finalised Aisha’s adoption papers. King of hearts Tuesday 10th September 2019 Update

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Sid comes home and says he just bought a franchise of the best school in India. Roshni is surprised and says he’s the best!
He says he would need someone to run the school and Roshni has experience in that area since She’s compassionate about the kids and loves them. He says she has handled NGO before, then she should for a school. Roshni say she doesn’t really think she can. Sid says his Mum would help her. DD agrees that Roshni can do the job.

DD appreciates Sid’s move and says Roshni loves kids. Aisha says my mummy has become a teacher and hugs her.
DD’s enemy (Gafoor) is stabbing her photo with a dagger.
One of his Men comes to inform him that he has carried out his orders.
The enemy says DD’s Son-in-law’s days are numbered because Sid slapped him in the past!
At work the next day, some Policemen come in and tell DD that they have heard she’s sheltering a Criminal in her Office, so they need to search.

DD says they can’t do that without a search warrant. The Senior Officer orders his Men to arrest her! DD says they can’t touch her if a female Officer is not with them. They try to hold her but she takes their baton and beats them with it. Kesar tries to get her to stop but she carries on.
Some more Officers come in and ask what’s happening! DD tells the Inspector that some hooligans came in to pretend to be Officers.
The Senior Officer tells his Men to arrest the fake Officers!
The Inspector asks why she sent for him? DD says she is planning a party for her adopted Grand-daughter but some Men are trying to kidnap her. She tells him that Kesar will give him the details. She turns to look for Kesar and he’s not there.
She sees a burqa clad person hiding under a desk.
After the Officers are gone, DD goes to the desk and orders the person to come out and asks her to lift her veil!
The burqa clad lady lift her veil and comes out crying. DD asks her to stop crying and asks her to tell about the goons who were behind her. She says her name is Shabnam and she was brought from Dubai, she’s supposed to get married and her in-laws are asking for a lot, so she needs a job as she didn’t get a job in Dubai. She adds that the Agency people wanted to sell her off. She begs DD to help her. DD tells her to stop crying and says it’s okay.

Kesar enters and sees the lady crying.
He asks who she is? Shabnam picks up a necklace and tells DD that one of the Men tried to steal from her but she took the jewelry back.
She turns to leave and DD tells her to wait; she can spend the night at her place till she can make further arrangements. Shabnam thanks her.
Roshni and Aisha are playing. Aisha goes to the closet to get her doll. Roshni sees a piece of cloth used as a bag in the closet. She tells Aisha to get it. Aisha gets it and her belongings are wrapped in the piece of cloth. Roshni sees a photograph but before she can look at it, she hears DD arguing with her GrandAunt.
Her GrandAunt, Grandmother and Sid are questioning DD about Shabnam. Her GrandAunt scolds DD for bringing a stranger home! Sid says she should have enquired about her. DD says she is scared and that’s why she brought her here. Her Aunt says they don’t know anything about her religion! DD says she doesn’t need to say anything and she doesn’t want to judge anyone on the basis of religion! Sid says he agrees with his Mother-in-law on that. DD says Shabnam needed help and she wants to help. She introduces Shabnam to them and tells Shabnam that she will be staying with them till the Women’s association finds a place for her!
Shabnam has a secret look of satisfaction and smiles.
Yash and Kritika are working in a hotel room. Room service brings them their food, and as he is leaving, he puts something in the Air Conditioner. Suddenly hot air comes from inside, and the fume soon fills the room.
Yash and Kritika cough and passes out.

Shabnam makes a Phone call to tell someone that everything is going according to plan, as she has reached there. She says she will handle everything.
Sam and Sid’s GrandAunt enter the hotel room.
Sid’s GrandAunt starts taking Kritika’s clothes off and tells Sam to take Yash’ clothes off. She tells herself that they will set Kritika up so bad that even Sid won’t be able to save her, and she would be kicked out of the house!
At night, Shabnam is walking through the house as everyone sleeps. She opens Roshni Grandmother’s door then closes the door back. She opens another door and sees her GrandAunt. She closes it and moves on to another room. She sees Sid and Roshni sleeping with Aisha in between them. She smiles looking at Aisha.
Roshni’s GrandAunt enters the room and says she has caught her red handed! Everyone wakes up and asks what’s going on?
Roshni’s GrandAunt tells them to ask Shabnam what she was doing in Roshni’s room at night? DD asks her what she was doing but Shabnam doesn’t respond.
Aisha enters the living room and calls Shabnam by her name, Aunt and asks you are here? DD asks Shabnam why she lied to her! Shabnam doesn’t respond. DD says Shabnam is hiding something from her and tells Kesar to call the Police!
Aisha shows them the photo she was trying to show Roshni earlier.

It’s a photo of Aisha, Shabnam and their Mother. DD asks why she didn’t tell them about her Sister! Shabnam says she moved to Dubai when Aisha was just 3 and she has just been sending money to her Mother and Aisha but when she came back, she discovered her Mother was dead and had no way to find Aisha but when she found out, she had to come up with a plan to be able to see Aisha. She says she now wants to go back to Dubai and she can’t take Aisha with her because she is struggling enough on her own and her in-laws to-be won’t allow Aisha live with them. She tells them to please understand. She holds Aisha and cries saying she’s sorry she won’t be able to stay with her. She tells them that she has to leave. Aisha begs DD to stop her Sister from going. DD calls Shabnam back. Shabnam is reliveved.
DD tells her she can stay!
Roshni’s GrandAunt is shocked and tells DD that Shabnam will cause her so much grief that she will never forget in her life!. King of hearts Tuesday 10th September 2019 Update

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Shabnam sits on DD’s feet and says she’s an angel. DD tells Shabnam that they have been looking for someone who would take care of Aisha during the day and she would be able to do that well. She reminds her that they all love Aisha very much and says nothing should happen to her as she is their life! She says lets go and sleep, as they have to do the party arrangements tomorrow. Shabnam smirks.

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