Kindred hearts Monday 22nd July 2019 Update Zee World

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Kindred hearts Monday 22th July 2019 Update Zee World

This a new Episode of Kindred hearts Monday 22th July 2019 Update zee world series, this is a Kindred hearts written update Monday 22th July 2019 from the Kindred hearts July 2019 Teasers with preview, update, and Teasers

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Kindred hearts Monday 22th July 2019 Update Zee World

The Episode Begins with Nisha brings out a photo from cupboard and shows it to Adi, Adi gets agitated and tries to take it but Nisha snatches it away and says remember if I have the slightest doubt that you secretly go out with Jhanvi then just remember this photo, Adi says leave it, Nisha says how, I have got my husband back because of this, I have got husband who laugh with me and lovingly treats me so I cant leave this so you better not forget your limits because then I will forget my limits too, lets do one thing, wherever you go from now on, Raj will go with you, she kisses him on cheek and leaves. Adi sadly looks on and shouts Nisha.

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Jhanvi says to Baba that I dont know who Nisha has kidnapped, Baba asks what else Adi said? Jhanvi says Adi is in trouble and stuck, if Nisha didnt bring police then I would have found truth. Baba says who can be in Nisha’s clutches that Adi is getting blackmailed? Jhanvi says I should Nisha’s room, she asks Baba if he had lunch? he says no, she says I will bring it, she leaves. Kindred hearts Monday 22th July 2019 Update

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Jhanvi comes in kitchen and recalls Nisha investigating Adi, she thinks that Adi lied to Nisha when he remembered everything. Adi comes there and glares at her. Adi says what are you doing? what is happening here? Adi asks jhanvi what she wanted to do with him? you know there would have been such a big problem because of what you did, I already told you to stay away from my life, Jhanvi says I just wanted to help you, Adi grabs her arm and says I dont need your help, you are playing with fire that will burn us both, Jhanvi sadly looks at him and winces in pain as he holds her arm tightly, Adi says stay away from me, Jhanvi says its hurting me, Adi says I am hurting too, cant you see? she looks in his eyes, Adi says please dont do all this, please, I dont want you to get.. because of me, he emotionally looks at her and moves away, he leaves. Jhanvi holds her arm and thinks that you can try to push me away more and more but I will gaining strength to find truth to lessen your pain, I wont let to you be alone in pain.

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Baba brings kids in lounge, he asks Nisha come to with them, they are going out to play, kids will like it. Nisha is stunned and thinks he is asking me to go with him? strange, Chinni asks her to come, Nisha says but.. baba where is your caretaker? she is not going with you? Nisha says Jhanvi has left, you come with us. Chinni says please come with us, Nisha says okay lets go, she thinks I am sure, Jhanvi didnt go anywhere, Baba was buttering me so I am sure they are making some plan. Baba takes kids outside. Nisha goes to Baba’s room instead of following them. Kindred hearts Monday 22th July 2019 Update

Nisha comes to Baba’ room, Jhanvi is hiding under bed. Nisha looks around room but doesnt see Jhanvi anywhere, she sits on bed, Jhanvi is tensed. Nisha is about to look beneath bed but Binni comes there and takes her away.

Nisha, Baba, and kids are playing Frisbee in garden. Jhanvi comes to Nisha’s room and says she must have hid something in her room, I hope I find something. She looks around. She opens her cupboard.

Nisha is playing with kids and says I forgot my phone in my room, I will bring it, Baba says whats the hurry? you can bring it after we are done playing, she glares at him, Baba says fine go, Nisha nods and leaves.

Jhanvi is searching Nisha’s cupboard. Nisha enters house and is going to her room. Jhanvi checks Nisha’s bag and tries to find anything important. She sees a photo and is about to take it when Nisha enters her room, Nisha glares at her, Jhanvi takes photo in her hand without looking at it, Nisha gets tensed and says excuse me? she snatches photo from her before Jhanvi can see it, Nisha says you are in my bedroom without my permission? Jhanvi says what are you hiding here? Nisha says none of your business, its your hobby to interfere in people’s life, you can do anything, I dont care. Jhanvi says you are worried seeing me in your room, so think what will happen to you when I bring your truth to family, Nisha says leave, Jhanvi leaves. Nisha tears photo and looks on.

Jhanvi comes to Baba’s room, Baba asks if she found anything, Jhanvi says Nisha have doubt on me now, I found some photo but before I could see it, Nisha took it but I am sure that photo has secret with which Nisha is blackmailing, Baba says whose photo it can be? Jhanvi says dont know how to find out, Baba says criminal always do some mistake, you have to think ahead of Nisha and you will find some way, Jhanvi says yes we have found destination but just have to find out path, we have to find some proofs, Adi wont tell anything to us so we have to do everything, she says to Baba that I need your help, he nods.

Nisha says what if Jhanvi saw photo? I dont think she saw it but even if Jhanvi saw it, it doesnt matter, she doesnt know anything but what if she tells Baba, Baba can have same photo.. oh God, I have to call and inform. She searches for her phone but doesnt find it. Nisha throws everything around in her room and says God where is my phone, God Jhanvi came in my room last, she screams Jhanvi’s name.

Nisha comes to Jhanvi and says give my phone, Jhanvi says I cant, Nisha says I knew you had my phone, Jhanvi says I cant give your phone because I dont have it, Nisha says dont lie, Kaki asks whats going on? Nisha says she stole my phone, Jhanvi says I have branded phone, if you want to buy then I can tell you about discount, Nisha says dont lie, you took my phone, Jhanvi says you can say that I stole your jewelry so I stole it? ask kids, they might have it, Kaki says Nisha dont put allegations without proof, Jhanvi leaves. Nisha thinks that Jhanvi took advantage of family here, she won this time but not again.

Nisha calls someone and says my phone is with Jhanvi, I have doubt that she saw photo and she can know from Baba that who was in photo, everything will be finished, he says dont worry, I will shift her but dont call me and go there and see if everything is fine, she says I was going to do that, called you just to inform. She ends and goes out.

Jhanvi is on call and says It wont take much time to find out, just come there, I am sending you address, Nisha comes there and hears it, she thinks that Jhanvi knows everything, whom she is talking to? I have to reach there before she does, she leaves. Jhanvi and baba looks at her leaving, Baba shows her thumbs up.

Adi glares at Jhanvi. Jhanvi gets call from someone and says I am coming home, she ends call and says to Adi that I have to go home, Maa is ill, she leaves.

Nisha comes in garden, she comes to Chinni and says what are you doing with my phone? she says I found it and started playing, Nisha takes phone and says baby dont play with it, Chinni says okay and leaves.

Jhanvi comes out of Adi’s house and leaves on her scooty.

Nisha comes to her godown and says to her goon that we have to keep an eye on person we have kidnapped. They see woman sitting on chair whom they kidnapped. They hear some noise coming from outside and goes to check. Woman sees no one around and leaves from godown.

Nisha comes in godown and doesnt find woman on chair, she is stunned and says no no, she cant leave. Nisha says what the hell, where is she? Nisha searches for her in every room and is tensed. The woman leaves godown without Nisha seeing. She comes on road and is walking slowly. Nisha is searching for her. She comes on street and tries to look for woman. Woman is walking on road. Jhanvi is there on her scooty too.

Nisha is searching her on road, Jhanvi’s scooty is about to hit her, Jhanvi stops it, they are stunned to each other there. Nisha doesnt see woman walking away from there as she is flustered seeing Jhanvi there. Jhanvi thinks what is Nisha searching here? she looks tensed too, I have to trap her in her game, Nisha thinks that Jhanvi is going behind that woman too, I have to go. Jhanvi turns around her scooty and goes in street where woman left. Kindred hearts Monday 22th July 2019 Update

Nisha and goons follow her, they come in ally and see Jhanvi’s scooty there but Jhanvi is missing, Nisha thinks that Jhanvi found that woman? it was Adi’s weakness that I found, I had only one way of keeping Adi with me for life and Jhanvi took that away too, she says to goon that she is old, she must have not gone far, go find her, goon leaves. Nisha gets call from mysterious person and says she ranaway, Jhanvi might have met her, man says I dont know from where Jhanvi came here but Jhanvi has seen her and might have taken her with her, Nisha says I know everything, if this secret comes out then everything will be finished for us, man says your last chance of making Adi yours will be gone too, Nisha says no lets not make that happen, I cant lose her, I will search her, Nisha shouts Jhanvi why you are coming inbetween me and Adi? why you want to destroy my life? leave me alone.
Nisha comes home, she sees Jhanvi there. Nisha glares at Jhanvi, Jhanvi smirks at her and leaves, Nisha is confused and tensed.

Jhanvi comes in kitchen, Nisha comes there too, Nisha says what were you doing there? Jhanvi says I might have lost the way, I dont remember much but dont take tension, I know your secret and its safe with me, you want me to tell everyone? I can do it, Nisha laughs and says aww you are cute, Nisha says you might to watch thriller movies but I like thrills in real life, you can stop your cute acting as you cant fool me, better luck next time, Jhanvi says you are overconfident, the reason which you were using to make Adi your puppet, I have that reason in my hands now, you have given it to me, remember that ally?

Jhanvi says I should remind you that you gave it to me in that ally, Nisha is stunned, Jhanvi says plan was very nice but sadly you are losing now, you know your thrills have started exciting me so let me play games too, you know how much I love Adi and whoever will torture Adi will have to see my wrath, you have 12 hours to confess to family how you are torturing Adi and how you are blackmailing him to be nice with you and lie to family, and you dont do it then dont expect niceness from me, I wont stop now, Nisha is tensed and leaves.

Jhanvi says to Baba that I didnt get much information, when I reached the site, Nisha and her goons were finding someone on streets. Flashback shows Jhanvi arriving near godown and seeing Nisha searching for someone. Jhanvi goes behind her. Nisha sees Jhanvi’s scooty parked in the ally, Jhanvi hides from her. Nisha gives instructions to her goon, Jhanvi tries to listen hiding behind wall but couldnt listen, flashback ends. Jhanvi says to Baba that Nisha had kidnapped someone and was blackmailing Adi with that person but that person has ranaway from Nisha’s clutches and we have very less time to find out truth, Baba says who can be the person in Adi’s life that is so important that he is getting blackmailed, Jhanvi says I couldnt know full truth, Baba says you have found this much truth and you will get to know full truth, Jhanvi says I have given 12 hours to Nisha to tell truth, Baba says why gave her time? Jhanvi says Nisha wont break down so easily, we have to keep pressurizing her so she spills the truth, I know we have fear that Nisha might find that person again but you always say that God is always with nice people so lets if now God will be with me or Nisha.

Nisha comes to her room and sees whole room decorated with lights, candles and rose petals, she says who did it? Adi hugs her from behind and says I did it, Nisha smiles, Adi pulls her closer and says exactly this day 8 years back we met, I know a lot has happened between us but today I wanted to surprise you, I wanted to everything for you today, this is all for you, Nisha says I always love your surprises, she hugs him and says I love you a lot, do you love me too?

Adi says I know you would think that I am lying but trust me I will do everything you say, I will become your slave for life, i will follow you everywhere but just let me meet her once, he shows her picture, Nisha says you are asking me something which I dont have, you have so much impatience to meet her? she takes photo from him and says think she is still dead, she throws picture away, its picture of some woman, Adi takes photo. He grabs Nisha and shouts this is my mother, dont say rubbish about her. Nisha says calm down, relax, you know you look hot in anger, forget about your mother please. Adi says Baba is in this condition after Maa left, I have lived my half life without my mother, he folds his hand and says I will do anything you say, I wont divorce you, I will give you this property, this wealth and everything, just please make me meet her once, please.

Nisha says I promise I will make you meet her, I want to see that moment when you reunite with your mother but not right now, right now you should go to mandir and pray for your mother’s well-being. Adi is in tears. Nisha thinks that if I had Adi’s mom in my clutches today then I would have put condition infront of Adi to take divorce back but I have lost this chance because of that Jhanvi, I wont spare her.

Baba is sadly sitting in lounge with photo, Adi comes there and looks at photo, its photo of his mother. Kaka comes there too and says where did you find this old photo frame? Chinni says I found it in Baba’s old box, Baba says there will be her sharad in few days, keep this photo in that sharad. Adi thinks how can we do her sharad when she is alive? we lived our lives thinking that she is dead but she is alive and in some prison, she is kidnapped, I cant tell everything now, Baba asks Adi to make big photo frame of this photo, Binni asks who is she? Baba says she is your grandmother, she left to God some years back, Nisha looks on hearing it, Baba wipes his tears. Nisha rolls her eyes.

Adi is in gazebo, Jhanvi comes to him and says I can see how tortured you are but what has happened that you dont trust me anymore, I can feel your pain, please let me help you, please tell me your pain, Adi says you are walking on dangerous path, its useless and you wont gain anything, Jhanvi says there is no gain in relations, Adi says I am doing everything for Nisha’s happiness, Jhanvi says you dont need to show it off, I know you more than yourself, whatever reason you are hiding truth for, I will find out, Adi thinks I wish I could tell you truth about my mother, I just wish to meet her once and for that if I have to become Nisha’s puppet, I accept that too just to meet her. Adi shouts on Jhanvi to not interfere in his family matters, Jhanvi sadly leaves.

Adi’s mother wanders into Adi’s house. She comes in garden and looks at house, she tries to recognize it, and looks around. She starts to go in house. Driver stops her and says you cant go inside, leave from here. Adi’s mother starts leaving. Adi comes to driver and sees some woman going from there, Adi asks driver who is she? Driver says she is some old lady, Adi stops lady and says listen.. lady turns and looks at him but Adi looks towards and gives money to him, he asks driver to give it to woman, Adi leaves without seeing her face, Adi’s mother turns to look at him but he leaves.

Nisha calls someone and says keep an eye on Jhanvi. Jhanvi comes there and says I have to come remind that only 10 hours are left for you to tell truth, Nisha calls her goon and says go to Jhanvi’s house and have a talk with her mother and sister, she ends call and says to Jhanvi what you thought that you can blackmail me and I wont do anything? now get ready to lose your mother and sister forever, Jhanvi gets tensed.

Nisha’s goons enters Jhanvi’s house through windows. They come in house and doesnt find anyone there, they look around in rooms but they dont see anyone. Goon calls Nisha and says we didnt find anyone in Jhanvi’s house. Nisha throws her phone in anger. Jhanvi says what happened? you didnt find anyone in my house? you know I have started to know you well, you better get ready to tell truth to family in 10 hours before you are sent to jail, you know I could have asked you tell truth now but I love to see you in pain and torture of waiting, just remember 10 hours, she leaves. Nisha says what to do now?

Nisha comes to some place, she meets someone and says Jhanvi is blackmailing me to tell truth to family, I cant tell truth because I will be in trouble then, I think she might be involved with Jhanvi in this, if I dont listen to Jhanvi then she will tell truth to family, mysterious person says to Nisha that you have no option now, whole blame should come on you, you have to take the blame, this is your last chance, if you lose this too then we will be doomed. Jhanvi calls Nisha and says your time is running out. Jhanvi ends call and says to Maa and Survi that its good you people left house on right time before Nisha’s goons came in house.

Nisha is talking with mysterious person in lounge, Neha comes there, mysterious person leaves before Neha could see him, Neha asks what are you doing here? Nisha says I[bctt tweet=”Kindred hearts Monday 22th July 2019 Update” username=”standardtrend1″] came to drink water.

Nisha is sitting in lounge and recalls Jhanvi’s ultimatum that she has to tell truth to family in 12 hours. Nisha goes to sleep in tension. Kindred hearts Monday 22th July 2019 Update

In morning, Jhanvi calls Nisha and says your time is up, you want to tell truth to family yourself or you want me to insult you infront of everyone and tell your truth to family? choice is yours, Nisha is tensed.

Nisha calls everyone in lounge, Jhanvi is there too. Nisha says to family that I want to accept my sin, Adi have changed his behavior because of me, Adi has taken divorce back because of me, He has accepted our relation again, the love that we had in start of our marriage, that love is shown in our kids, the love that has not allowed us to get separated, Adi has changed but our love is same, I have accepted my past mistakes and we have taken decision to restart our lives together, thank you for accepting our decision that we are giving another chance to our marriage, she looks at Adi and says I love you, Jhanvi is confused hearing all that and not the confession.

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Nisha is in kitchen, Jhanvi comes there and says why didnt you tell truth to family? Nisha says thats it, I have had enough of you, Nisha takes knife, she puts it at Jhanvi’s throat and says you dont know anything about truth, you wanted to fool me saying that you know my truth but you know nothing, she lightly scratches Jhanvi’s neck with knife and says dont you ever dare to blackmail Nisha again, she pushes her away and leaves. Jhanvi huffs for air and says how does she know that I dont know her truth?

That all about the Kindred hearts Monday 22th july Update which was an episode from kindred hearts july 2019 teasers on Zee World.  Hope you enjoy the written of Monday update on kindred hearts 22th July

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