kindred heart Or Fire and Ice – Which Series Are You Going to miss?

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kindred heart Or Fire and Ice - Which Series Are You Going to miss?

It is no more news that fire and ice and Kindred Hearts is Going to stop and be Replaced, So the question now is which One you are going to miss between the two thou both Drama series is cool and sweet also we learn a lot of lesson from it but there is no way one won’t better and enjoyable more than the other one

Fire and Ice or Kindred Hearts?

Kindred hearts started on zee world since June 2019 and replaced This is fate. It follows Nisha, a vindictive wife who won’t give her husband Aditya peace yet cannot let him go find happiness. Her obsessive love for him makes her antagonize Jhanvi, the other woman in his life and eventually leads to their death

So now Kindred Hearts also is Going to be Replaced this month of November With Amma and It is expected to start on November 25th, 2019.

Fire and Ice Returned to zee world on  22nd June 2019 The story revolves around the lives of three characters Twinkle Taneja, Yuvraj Luthra and Kunj Sarna, who at various points in their lives experience a variety of emotions including love, betrayal, jealousy, hatred, and obsession.

it has been one of the best series on zee world now is going to be Replaced with Lady Luck  On November 14th, 2019 According to Zee World,  The total episodes of fire and ice is 322

Which Series will you miss between the Two?

Between the two Drama series called Fire and Ice and Kindred Hearts which one do you love most and there is no way you won’t miss it, either because of the love in it or just enjoyment  in it or any other things that make you miss the series

Stroll down below and Drop your comment On which one you are going to miss and Reason also Don’t Forget to share it


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