The heir Thursday 12th September 2019 Update Zee World

The heir Thursday 12th September 2019 Update

The heir Thursday 12th September 2019 Update,

The heir Thursday 12th September 2019 Update Zee World

Mannu goes to Amba and rests in her lap. Amba says much changed in 10 years, all dreams are left unfulfilled. Mannu says this marriage will really happen, this is my

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Amba says that’s why I made you my Shah, none knows of your abilities, I don’t like anyone telling your abilities to me. Mannu says don’t stop Aman and Gunjan’s marriage. Amba wipes Mannu’s tears. Mannu meets Raj and apologizes. Mannu says I was wrong about you. Raj says its good, someone told me that friends don’t cheat, misunderstandings cheat.

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Mannu says I m scared of misunderstandings, I always thought what will you think when people said I m responsible for Raman’s death. Raj says misunderstandings, leave it now, come hug. Mannu stops him. Raj asks what happened Mannu, I m asking you to hug, you are crying like girls, what happened. Mannu hugs him and gets away. Mannu says you are hurt, you will have pain, where were you all these years, tell me. Raj recalls.

Fb shows Harjeet marrying Mohini. Amrit says I m leaving the house, Mohini is responsible for Raman’s death. Harjeet says she supported me. Amrit cries and says if you wanted people to support you, you should have thought of other’s wishes, you got blind, I will not support you. Harjeet stops Rohan and says my son will be with me, he is my heir. She leaves with Raj. FB ends. Raj says then we left from here.

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Raj telling Mannu how he worked hard and became capable. He says I used to get news about you, I got to know Mohini is creating hurdles in Gunjan’s marriage, so I came. Mannu says its fine, now we are together, how is Amrit. Raj says she is fine, she worries for me, I m her world, she does not know I m here. Mannu asks did you come here by lying to her. Raj says no, she would have not allowed me. He promises to get Gunjan and Aman married, I was weak in childhood and could not support you, but I m fit. Mannu asks will you go against family.

Raj says no, against Mohini, enough of senti, promise me to fulfill my wish. Mannu says my life is also ready. Raj says I don’t want your life, just make me meet that girl, what big thing did I say, she did magic on me, I got mad. He describes Preet. Mannu worries. Raj says her simplicity made me mad. Mannu says I understood she is beautiful girl, I don’t know her.

Raj says she said she is your friend, she did not say name. Mannu says oh, are you saying about that girl, but I don’t know her. Raj says please tell me. Mannu says fine, I will try to do something, if she wants, she will meet you. Raj says I know she loves me, I have seen in her eyes, just get her number and then see what I do. The heir Thursday 12th September 2019 Update

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Mannu asks him to write a letter, this is village, not city, girls like letters. Raj asks do you have any GF. Mannu says enough, write letter. Raj sits to write letter and throws many papers. Mannu thinks of something.

Raj asks him to make his letter reach her. He says you don’t read this, don’t worry, we will get Gunjan and Aman married. Amrit calls Raj and worries. She calls and gets tele operator message in punjabi. She thinks if Raj in punjab and cries. Mannu cleans the blood mark on face and comes home. Mannu sees Gunjan sleeping and takes a dress from cupboard. Mannu recalls Raj’s words and lets her hair loose. She smiles seeing herself. Mannu thinks of the letter. Mannu recalls letter is in jeep and covers herself with blanket to reach the jeep.

Mannu gets the letter and smiles reading Raj’s romantic letter. Raj asks her to meet once again. The letter flies in air. Mannu runs to catch the letter. Raj comes there. Mannu gets shocked. The blanket flies by the air. Raj sees her in feminine clothes and smiles.

Raj says how can anyone be so beautiful, you read letter, now answer me. She says its night, if anyone sees, it will be problem. He stops her. Amba looks for Mannu. Raj asks Mannu to answer and go. She asks why me when there are many girls in village. He says my heart beats seeing you. She says if I say I don’t like you. He says then make me as you like.

Raj stops Mannu. Amba looks for Mannu. She hears some sound and looks out of balcony. She thinks who is romancing at night, I will make them go away. Mannu takes her dupatta from Raj. She sees Amba coming and worries. Raj stops Mannu. She says someone is coming, let me go. He says first tell me when will you meet me and where. Mannu says tomorrow evening near river. Raj smiles. Amba does not see anyone. She says where did they go, I have seen them.

Mannu goes to room and says Raj will make me fall in trouble. Mannu sees herself and says Raj fell in love with this face, what’s happening. Raj knocks door and says open the door, anyone can see me. Mannu gets worried. Raj asks her to open door fast.

Raj sees Amba and hides. Mannu goes and removes the fuse. The power goes. Mannu opens door for Raj and talks to him. Raj says youpassed my letter, she came to meet me. Amba asks Jagan to see the power failure. Raj asks where are you Mannu. Mannu makes Raj out of room and says you go down by tree way.

Raj says fine, I came to tell you the planning, Pammi is getting married, I m going home as wedding planner. Light comes. Raj asks shall I come in. Mannu says no, where will you stay. Raj says at our share, call me if there is problem, we will meet tomorrow. He goes.

Its morning, Mannu meets Raj as wedding planner. Raj jokes on her. Mannu says I will become your assistant, tell me where to come. Raj says stop. Mannu says if you did not identify me, what will others identify. Mannu shows face. Raj says Mannu you. Mannu smiles and fixes beard. Mannu says I will be with you, we have to win. They join hands. She asks will you go home. He says don’t make me weak.

Raj lies on the road. Pammi sees him and asks did he die. Raj says no, I was going to die, I m poor wedding planner. He fools her. Mannu says we will together make you princess. Pammi asks really. Mannu says yes and smiles.

Jagan comes to Amba and asks what are you thinking, tell me what to do, I can kidnap Pammi and get her here. She asks him to leave it on Mannu this time. Jagan says this happened because of Mannu. She says Mannu promised me, Gunjan will marry Aman, I trust him completely. She goes. Jagan gets angry.

Harjeet tells men to decorate house well, Pammi and Aman’s marriage is happening. Raj and Mannu come there and comment on cheap arrangements. Harjeet says you were with Pavaniya. Mannu says Raj is just with work, he is an artist and best wedding planner. Raj introduces himself and asks Harjeet to give an opportunity to do Pammi’s marriage arrangements, Pavaniya’s marriage broke by your enmity, you give me work, its fair. The heir Thursday 12th September 2019 Update

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He reminds he saved his Pagdi from falling, we promise to save your respect. Mannu asks Raj to touch Harjeet’s feet. Harjeet recalls Raj and asks them to come. Amrit is on the way to village. Mannu holds Raj’s hand and asks him to come. They enter the house. Raj recalls Raman. Flowers shower on them. They step ahead.

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