Geet Tuesday 28 January 2020 Update

Geet Tuesday 28 January 2020 Update

Geet Tuesday 28 January 2020 Update

Geet Tuesday 28 January 2020 Update

Maan and Geet are surprised by their feelings for each other. Geet does not find Maan in the house and goes in search of him. She finds him at the mosque, but he is angry because she left Dadimaa home alone.

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Dadima tries to convince Maan that Geet cares for him. Geet doesn’t tell Maan about her concern for him. Later, Dev and Naintara get into a tiff over Geet.

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Dolly & Nurpinder leave to do some last-min prep, and Geet tells her mum again to not let her get married so early. Her mum tells her that whatever Dar ji decides is always for the best. Dolly comes and tells them that the boy’s family is here, and Geet is told to get dressed, all the while she is crying.
The ladies of the Dev’s family have come – his mother, his bhabhi (Naintara) and his sister (Kamna). There’s small chitchat, and Dar ji introduces his family to them. He then asks where Dev is and Kamini tells them where he is… Dev is then shown walking into the courtyard, and on an upper level Geet is being escorted to the room where everyone is.

Food is brought out, and Kamna & Geet’s uncle (Rajinder) have a bit of a laugh. Geet’s father then says that Geet is here, and Dev’s mother says “Oh look, my son is here too.” Cut to Dev and Geet coming in (such beautiful background music)… When Geet and Dev see each other, there’s shocked looks on both their faces.
A flashback is shown of Dev’s family seeing Geet (in the previous episode) without a dupatta. All women are disgusted. Cut back to the present, and Kamna jumps up and says “Highlight dekho, highlight! Mum, it’s that same girl we saw on the side of the road!” (She’s such a bimbo.)Geet’s family are shocked, and continues to tell the family what her mum said. Naintara tries to quiet Kamna, but she turns around and questions Geet directly. Geet looks down, and all her family are upset. They all ask Dev’s family for forgiveness, and Dar ji says that if they turn down the rishta – Dar ji will understand, and Brij says “Because a girl from our own house has shamed us.”
Dar ji looks like he’s going to kill Geet, and Geet’s dad mentions for her mum to take Geet into her room…

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BUT, Dev (finally) tells them to hold on. He tells the family that he is happy with this rishta, and everyone is shocked. Everyone is amazed & happy (except of course for Dev’s family). Geet looks at Dev, and he’s smiling…


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