Geet Tuesday 11 February 2020 Update

Geet Tuesday 11 February 2020 Update

Geet Tuesday 11 February 2020 Update

Geet Tuesday 11 February 2020 Update

At Geet’s place…all the women of the house are either sitting or standing worried…Geet and all the men of the house come in…Rano jumps up saying they are here. As Geet walks in she remembers Dev saying that her innocence…her beauty…I am not going to forget even after seven janams.

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She then remembers the lodge scene when he said that he was just teasing her…how can she even think that I will leave you? She remembers him giving her a kiss on the forehead and saying that I love you! Rano comes to Geet and holds her…she keeps on asking what has happened? you’re alright right? everyone else in the house also come there…surrounding Geet. Brij says that they have not gone to any Canada Shanada Taayji yells what? They left our girl at the airport and ran away! All the women are giving shocked expressions now! Geet continues to remember Dev telling her that ever since he has seen her…he has started to harbour a dream in his heart to bring you in my life as my bride.

She remembers him saying I love you the first time and then all the scenes with him including the wedding one. Geet shakes her head and smiles slightly…she goes up to Brij and says that you must be mistaken Devji cannot do this (Brij looks ready to kill!) Devji cannot leave me and go! Brij gets angry and shakes her saying Geet while the women in the background shout in fear!

He tells her to come back to her senses but she runs to Daarji and says that he must be in some trouble…that’s why he didn’t come to find me nor to get me. She then goes to her dad says that we should find him…he is probably in a really big trouble…that’s why he didn’t catch the flight and that’s why his name wasn’t on the flight list. Brji comes to her and says have you lost it? Can’t you understand?

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The flight’s computer…Geet interupts and says that the computer can be wrong right? Brij raises his hand to slap her when Daarji yells out his name and all the women hide their faces in fear. Brij walks away from Geet…Taayji interupts and says that Daarji they are kids…I’ll make Geet understand…she goes up to Geet who says but Taayji…she interupts her and says be quiet. You are not going to say anything…let’s go in the room…she drags the rest of the women with her as well

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