Geet Sunday 19 January 2020 Update

Geet Sunday 18 January 2020 Update

Geet Sunday 19 January 2020 Update

Geet Sunday 19 January 2020 Update

He starts his rant and tells Geet to fire all these people.
Geet does so, and then Maan realises she was taking it seriously.
Geet tells him off, and tries to open the door. ManEet moment.
Dev stands outside the door where ManEet are, and hears noises. While they’re trying to open the door, Dev thinks something else is going on. (LOL. I loved this moment).
Geet hears him walk off and lets Maan know. Maan realises its Dev and tries to tell him to open the door.

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Dev refuses (thinking something else entriely. Although ManEet fans shouldn’t be upset – it means more moments, right?) and walks off.
Geet lets Maan know Dev’s gone, and Maan can’t believe it.
Maan decides to do some work, but Geet is upset at what Dev thinks of her. Maan tells her to stop worrying.

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Geet doesn’t, and Maan grabs her hand, and drags her back to the table.
Geet tells him to let go of her hand, but he says he won’t. (ManEet fans, please tell me you haven’t fainted. The show isn’t halfway through!)
He finally lets go, and they start work. He walks to the lightbox and looks at the designs
ManEet moment when both crouch to pick up a pen.
Both disagree on the designs. Geet tries to explain, and gets cold.
Maan takes off his vest and gives it to her.
Outside, Dev notices the taxi that dropped Geet home, and says he’ll find out by tomorrow if she’s really here.

ManEet continue arguing, and Geet tells him to do what he wants, she’ll do what she wants.
Maan pulls the book out of her hand, and she falls onto him. ManEet moment…
She gets up, and her dupatta’s stuck on his tie. ManEet moment…
They finally decide to sit on opposite ends and work.. with secret glances at each other of course.
Back at the Khurana mansion, Dev wonders why he can’t stop thinking of Geet.
Naintara enters and asks him if he gave the phone. Dev complains she asks too many questions.
Naintara tells him that because he gambled away all their money, they had to pay a big price. This is why she asks 1000 questions.
Back at the office, Geet tries to get Maan’s attention. She finally does so, and tells him she’s done.

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She complains she’s cold, and Maan gets angry at her – she’s not wearing the vest, and she’s complaining.
He starts pacing, and Geet suddenly remembers her Darji and how he used to do that – pace up and down and getting angry.

She starts remembering her family, and walks to the window, lost in thought.
Maan comes near her, and tells her that for the first time she’s said something about her family – does she miss them?
Geet tells him that she doesn’t have anything to do with them anymore. In front of him, she’s only Geet.
Maan asks about Gurwinder, and Geet tells him that he was her friend’s husband.
Maan then asks why her family wanted to kill her.

MK asks geet why her family wanted to kill her?? ( I bet she won’t able to tell about devBig smile) She replies that she wanted to live her life on her own terms and they got me marr ant right then MK stops her ( like saying ruko dhristy what you saying story move kasie hogi, if you tell me about your shaadi director specifically ask you not to say that.ROFLjust kidding friends) and says do not cry coz he has no kerchief today ( shirt hai na. hahah so we see funny side of MK today) He tells her one should always move forward in life and should not look back to sad memory, so one does not need to cry and should forget what ever happen in past. He adds further that he can see, she is handling her life very well ( yup. you are right there to thaamo her all the time) and he is sure if her family see her now they will be very proud on her.

Geet is touched , moves and softly tells she wanted to say something that she is very cold and can he some how switch off the AC. MK has what is with you type expression. Even before MK gets time to react power cut and she holds his arm. Lightening and standard staring ( hmm isiliye lightning so they can see in each other eyes.

Geet moves her hand Mk walks towards window when he hears geet saying that is why mom always asks to have candle in bag LOL. He amusingly asks her if she really is having candle in her bag, and gets whole list of things ie candle, match box, red pepper and pain killer in return. She drops bag, when MK suggests letting him see. A doll pops off the bag, pepper flies in MK’s eyes, Geet blows it and wipe with her dupatta ( oh god tooooo good and to tell you guys truth even here for us it’s suggested that have pepper spray in bag, it’s down town you never know) he stops her and asks when you had all in bag then what was the need of cutter ( Oh lord I did not see that coming. CV are giving googly pe googly) She replies she does not want to see him her doll. ( oh geet you are like doll for him)

Watchman cursing for power cut as he was watching so cute romantic scene. Finally he goes that the only support is transistor. Back in room, geet lit the candle and we hear shailendra singh baahar se koi ander geet turns and look at maan Maneet feel awkward hearing those words, geet put her hand on candle, MK runs to help, blows softly, she takes her hand off, tries to go hadbadaahat main MK puts his hand on her dupatta

Geet tries to control her breath ( me on my desk, if I were her never chudaoo dupatta balki I go and hug him Embarrassed) MK let her go see finally, Geet goes to window and we see precap dream sequence. It was MK’s dream. Mk walks to her stare and says in frustrating voice close the window who knows who is playing this stupid song, then he goes we should sleep coz we can not work in dark

he tells her in commanding voice that you sleep on sofa I’ll take chair and does it. Geet replies she can stay awake and does not want to sleep this room.He replies with close eyes your wish main toh so ne vaala hu taaki thik se tumahin sapno main dekh saku kidding ha he says Good Night.

Geet goes to sit on sofa mumbles she used to do jagraata so she won’t sleep, but she has no control so goes in sleep. MK wonders what happens to him and geet will make him crazy ( she already did. Damage done) Power is back and he sees how she needs pillow to rest her head. He goes sit next to her, and let her head rest on his shoulder. she is cold so he removes his shirt and covers her ( what did I see a black baniyaan under whitke shirt ??? LOL). He goes to sleep too.

Finaly night ends. Pinky worried about geet, goes to ask adi. He laughs that she lives with you and you are asking me LOL LOL LOL. Pinky tells him last night Mk called him for woking on designes and she has not come back yet ( abe gadhi ladki she is in safe hands and what you know they have history of spending night together whether jungle, meeting room whatever) what pinky did not realize is that twin evils were hearing convo ( ho gayaa bhantadhaar) adi calms her down, fills in that they must be working up stairs. He goes to open the room saasha jumps in and unlock it . They all walk in and dddddddddd saasha gets shocker of her life aka maneet sleeping together not together I mean on sofa head resting on each other and geet is covered with his shirt

Devil khuraana ( dev) ki mastaraani ( nayantaara) wakes up, sees daaku all dress ready to go out( yeh bande ko chain nahi), he asks, gets answer in return that she was right so he is going to office else he will end up being Mk’s delivery boy ( hmmm so he is delivery Khuraana) She is suspicious asks if he is going to office in real?? ( biwi sahi pahchaanti hai apne Dumb dev ko) He says yes kisses her on forehead and walks off ( yaar yeh hubby biwiyo ko itna bevkoof kyo smajhte hai, ki ek kiss kiya done)

Back in room, saasha speechless pinky tries to wake her up, taasha takes picture pinky still yelling geet, finally she wakes up, sees them all, throws his shirt, he wakes up too. Coolly wears his shirt ) orders adi to finish Mr Chopra’s work and tells all that he was not aware that he pays them to stare at him, He asks them to leave. Half janta goes not saasha, taasha adi pinky he yells please go back to seat now.

Adi and MK bumps and adi says we can not discuss as designs are not complete , geet steps forward and tells that they are complete.

Geet says we finish last night and stops coz saasha staring, so Mk asks what is she looking so strangely. Saasha says nothing, he cuts her off tells we were working and door got closed, we locked in. She hesitantly replies she understands that you must be tired, so slept. Geet is uncomfortable asks his permission to go he says yes. She walks off

Pinky and geet walking she tries to explain, saasha/taasha watches, MK coming out peon comes in he asks why he came he goes daadi maa has sent his cell. Mr Chopra calls, Mk tells his designs are ready if he wish he can have them send to airport.Mr Chopra answers he has canceled his plan so he will be in his office in an hour to discuss. Mk says okay, he signals geet to stops but she is too scare. She talks to her self uff yeh sir bhi, what people think Pinky tries to explain but she asks her to come fast.

They walk off MK follows, Pinky tries to tell her that MK signaling her but she does not listen. Pinky goes see sir coming in anger. But geet anyways goes in to elevator. MK holds it and gets in. Rest staff is out of the lift. Geet thinks to himself why he does not understand what will people think, what is the need of signaling me.

the elevator door opening and Maan asking Geet why she didn’t notice him signalling him to wait. Geet says something about everyone being there, and Maan wonders why it matters. Geet tells him that it matters to her even if it doesn’t to him – Maan rolls his eyes, and says that they just worked together last night, and everyone at work knows that. He tells her not to think like that, and besides Mr. Chopra will be there in one hour so Geet needs to stop mixing thoughts like that with her work, and organise the files. He walks away, Geet looks at Pinky sadly, and starts walking back.
Tasha Badnaam ) runs after Sasha Badnaam and says that “ma’am” will love her work this time, and shows Sasha Badnaam (SB from now on) the photo of ManEet sleeping. (such a DMG2 moment: Sid&Riddhima anyone?) SB has an evil moment and proceeds to send the pictures to everyone.
As Geet is walking through the desks, everyone’s looking at her weirdly, and she has no idea why. She holds her bag tighter as she makes her way towards the conference room.

In the conference room, Maan is preparing papers and Geet walks in looking around sadly. She walks towards Maan and hands him the prepared file, but he grabs her hand instead. ManEet moment…
They somehow manage to drop the file, and both go to pick it up. ManEet moment… and Maan is thinking of the previous night, and tells Geet that their relationship stays the same. Geet whispers “Yes sir”.
Guess who’s decided to become a business lady… Naintara! Well not quite.. she’s here to keep an eye on Dev who’s supposedly come to work (now she’s definitely gone to a new level of spying).

Back in the conference room, Geet sits down far away from Maan – which leaves Maan wondering if she’s still thinking about what happened last night. Geet looks at him, but he doesn’t notice, and then, ManEet moment… they’re both thinking of their moments the night before. Just then Mr. Chopra comes in, and starts praising the jodi of ManEet – professionally of course.

While they’re all standing, Naintara watches them from the window, and wonders where Dev is. Maan sees her and wonders what’s she doing there. Naintara doesn’t see Geet, and she walks off.
Mr. Chopra then mentions for Geet to sit next to Maan – so they can discuss the designs together. Geet sits down next to Maan, looking rather uncomfortable… while Maan starts explaining, Geet notices a stain on Maan’s shirt (make-up stain I presume), and she starts silently freaking out. Maan notices her, and looks at his shirt, noticing the stain. Geet finally can’t handle it anymore, and makes an excuse to grab a file she forgot. She walks out leaving Maan dumbfounded.

When Geet gets to her office, there’s heaps of posters stuck up around it. She freaks out looking at them, and rips them all off. She stands in front of her computer wondering what’s going on when she presses a random button, and looks down to see the picture of ManEet sleeping as her wallpaper. She then realises that was why everyone was staring at her before. She worries for a bit when the phone rings – it’s Maan telling her to hurry up. She tries to tell him what’s happened but he again tells her not to mix that with work. He hangs up, and Geet starts crying… when she tells herself that there’s no need to cry, she needs to stay strong.
She resolutely walks out, and TB (Tasha Badnaam) is walking on the opposite end with her goondas (I mean bodyguards, I mean office workers) talking about old-fashioned Bollywood films, and starts singing “Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho… aur uske dil ke chabi.. secretary dhoondte jaaye!” SB interferes and continues the taunting, when Geet calls out her name (and SB totally freaked out. Hah.)
(I’m translating what Geet says) “I know how to do my job well, and I don’t have to do these things to keep my job. I get that you have no respect for me, but you’re forgetting one important detail: along with me, you’re ruining Maan sir’s reputation. And I know you don’t want anything like that… all of you know Maan sir better than you know me – do you really think that Maan thinks of anything except work? Uff ma’am, now don’t say anything else, I only come here to do my work as a professional, and nothing more than that. It’ll be good if you got rid of that file…” and she walks off leaving SB murmuring she has no idea how bad it’s gonna get.

Geet finally gets to the conference room, and notices only Maan there. She quietly walks in, and asks where they went. Maan tells her that they couldn’t wait for her all day. Geet tells him that she was a bit late.. but Maan doesn’t want to hear her excuses. He tells her that they’re going to the hotel. Geet is stunned, and asks why. Maan tells her it’s to have lunch with the client.
Geet says she won’t attend. Maan tells her that he doesn’t want to do this either, but this project is a big thing for him. Geet again tells him she won’t attend – and says that if she doesn’t, Maan will say her thinking’s wrong; but if she does, then people will talk. Either way, it’s Geet who suffers. Maan tells her that if she’s right, and she has nothing to hide, she shouldn’t be worried about what others say. Geet tells him that he can’t control people’s thinking, and the day it happens, Geet will order one of those machines for him.

Maan says that sometimes her thoughts astound him – and Geet replies that so does his actions. What was the need for him to sleep next to her, and then he puts his shirt over her? Maan wonders if people are asking or she is. Geet says she has no right, and Maan advances on her… he slept next to her because her head kept slipping, and when he went to upright her, she slept on his shoulder. As for the shirt, she was shaking from the cold.

By this time, Geet is backed into a corner, and Maan tells her he made a big mistake helping her. Geet tells him it’s better if he doesn’t call her because people’s eyes will be on them. She asks to go, and tells him that although he doesn’t think that way, if people see them together, they’ll talk… so it’s better if he stays away.

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Maan looks at her, and tells her that to this day, no one has told Maan what to do and what not to do… and as for understanding her, well, he thinks she’ll need a handkerchief. He puts one in her hand, and walks off…
Geet tells herself that this time, she won’t cry… the epi ends on her.


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