Geet Saturday 15 February 2020 Update

Geet Saturday 15 February 2020 Update

Geet Saturday 15 February 2020 Update

Geet Saturday 15 February 2020 Update

MK tells he has decided to change the designs, adi objects saying the client has finalized it, MK replies but he does not like them. He has no importance of love in life, so one should not plan keeping love in mind. there fore tell Mr Demello if he agrees his decision fine else go shop somewhere else. He goes from there, leaving geet there.

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Sasha happy taunts geet that seems MK has figured out her smartness, she grabs box and says I will take care of MK do not worry, this was bound to happen. She tells her to pack the bags and be ready to leave. geet thinks somehow I have to talk to him else his anger keep increasing. Dev driving somewhere out of his lane. he is thinking no matter what I’ll talk to bro today, I missed him yesterday. one more car comes from behind, A gal is in car, some one calls dev, he wonders who is it. The gal drives in dev’s lane and stops at 90 degree. Dev calls who is this idiot. The gal comes out, dev is rooted to ground, she smiles, hugs dev, he is happy, she says I missed you.

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Daarji and Brij come inside. They are very angry with Geet. They decide to punish her. Brij gets this black pot with burned charcoal. Mohinder and Rano get very scared and start crying that please Geet should be given another chance. She will ask for forgiveness and all. But Geet stands up and says that she deserves this punishment and she will give to herself for not believing her parents and family everyone is shocked too.

Geet sits down..and with the tongs takes out a piece and puts it on her palm..eyes closed..she closes her palms and feels the burning coal on her hand. Mohinder goes to stop her..but then Brij stops him God he is so irritating. Daarji is looking on. Geet remembers all her times with Dev. then after a couple of minutes..her parents release the coal from her hand. Geet apoligizes to Daarji. Saying she has now understood that Dev married her only for her money and not love. The women take her inside. Mohinder feels very upset seeing Geet like this. He curses himself for Geet’s depression. He says that its all his fault..and he deserves a punishment. He takes the coal on his hand. His brother and Daarji stop him. He hugs Daarji..

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Pinky is in burkha telling adi, she can not do it. Adi says he has come. MK is in devdaas mode but with dupatta not with glass of wine. Wink adi calls MK and gives excuse that Shekh Abdulla from duabi wants to meet him for construction of his palace. Mk asks is he shekh Abdulla. adi patched up saying he was busy so has sent his wife. Mk introduces him self as MSK pinky says nothing, just shakes hand. Mk says hope you have been taken care of nicely , what type of architecture would you like Mogul, French, modern?? Adi comes up another excuse that she does not understand hindi and can not speak English. Mk asks obvious question then how do we convers, adi says we have interpreter in the conference room

MK goes to meeting room, dupatta abhi bhi haath main, sees no one there. He says adi when some one closes the door from out side. he tries to open, wonders how did it get close, voice over says won’t open, He turns to see geet standing there with out dupatta. He says you?? She reminds him that he knows about malfunctioning lock. MK goes in FB abt lock. She walks towards him, after short eye lock, she says you have my dupatta, now he is back to his senses, gives it to her nanan do not get happy cover nahi karta hai.

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She straight asks him, why are you taking out my anger on others. why are you punishing pinky for my mistake. He asks where is the key. She replies it’s like your heart who knows where is the key . Mk is shocked to hear this, geet is all teary. He stops her says do not talk rubbish, tries to open the door, door does not open but his brain cells do. He says so it’s your plan you made adi to lie and get me here, but if you think you can hold me here then you are rong. coz no one can get done anything against MSK’s wish other than geet this he says in his heart. Do you understand.


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