Geet Friday 14 February 2020 Update

Geet Friday 14 February 2020 Update

Geet Friday 14 February 2020 Update

Geet Friday 14 February 2020 Update

Geet comes home searching for her dear MSK! He is not there, she then hears the sound and follows it! We see Maan practicing Martial arts (still thinking of Geet) Geet comes there and tells she wants to tell the truth and begs to listen to her. Maan walks away but stops and breaks the bench there Shocked. Geet sees blood and runs behind him but Maan shuts the door on her face! Geet thinks if not now she would tell the whole truth tomorrow!

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Next day in the office, where everyone is thinking how Maan changed..MK arrives. Pinky rants about how sweet he talks these days and he smiles too..MK enters, all of them get back to work..He angrily glares at Adi and shouts at him if he is an accountant or Joker and walks away. He scolds another employee for not working properly! He warns everyone to work properly. Geet stands behind and listens to it worried!

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FIRST BREAK (COMING UP: Geet enters into his cabin and tells she has to tell him the truth but he stops her, she sees that he is hurt and goes near him but he takes his hand away…Geet is about to fall.)

Maan orders Sasha to get the file in but Sasha tells he had asked Geet to handle it! Maan asks her to do as said…Sasha smirks and goes awy. Geet thinks she should not get scared and goes in to tel the truth.

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She enters the cabin to tell the truth…He stops her showing his hand…Geet sees that his hand is hurt and hence is tries to heal it but he takes it hand away which makes Geet fall but she balances holding on to his hand!

SECOND BREAK (COMING UP: Maan is driving rashly in the rain…Geet runs behind the car asking him to stop but he doesn’t stop and drives on..Geet falls down! Maan doesn’t care Broken Heart)

Geet apologizes for holding his hand,She says it’s still bleeding but Maan doesn’t care and calls Sasha to get the file within 5 minutes. Geet feels bad for him not even looking at her once.

We start directly at meeting room, where MK telling staff he has called meeting for Demello project. He says now he does not like the designs, adi is shocked. MK further adds the house of love is baseless, house is made up of cement and sand. Adi is confused what happened to MK till last Friday he was all in love mode, other gal sees his hand bleeding, Taasha asks her to stop as MK is very angry. he says emotions do not make home and geet walks in with first aid box.

Brij asks her if she didn’t hear – “take off the mangalsutra, and wipe the sindoor.” She has fire in her eyes, and asks him how he can order a married person to take of her sindoor, when she keeps it on even after death? Brij tells her that if she doesn’t do it, he will – and goes to remove it, when she stops him. She walks back, and bumps into Darji.

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She notices the family watching her, but not saying anything – and she tells them to tell Brij where to go. Brij asks if she’s going to teach him dharam, and Geet says yes she will. She wonders what type of family she has – instead of looking for her husband, they want her to take of her wedding ornaments? But Geet won’t back down – and Brij tries to tell her that Dev kicked her out. She tells him he hasn’t gone anywhere.

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