Gangaa Thursday 13 February 2020 Update Zee World

Gangaa Thursday 13 February 2020 Update

Gangaa Thursday 13 February 2020 Update

Gangaa Thursday 13 February 2020 Update Zee World

The Panch announces they would want to know their opinion after one month. Riya cheerfully comes to thank Ganga. Ganga nods at her. Radhika comes to hug Ganga again and takes her inside to speak to her.

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Ganga speaks to Radhika in her room then helps her lay on the bed. Dai Maa was taking milk for Radhika. Shiv takes the milk from her. In the room, Ganga was massaging Radhika’s head as she was sleeping beside her.

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Shiv enters to place the glass of milk there and turns to leave. Ganga follows Shiv outside and says he must be wondering why she agreed to stay here. She clarifies its because of Sagar she agreed to stay here. If Sagar wished so, be it. There is another reason to stay here, Radhika. Radhika has called her a mother, she would be her mother.

She won’t bring anymore disgrace to Shiv, but won’t ever be his wife. She wish Shiv never tries to cross the distance between them, this isn’t a condition but a request. Shiv accepts the limitation and leaves. Jhumki comes to Ganga asking how Shiv compelled her for all this. Ganga says it was her decision to wear this mangal sooter. Jhumki says Shiv had brought Radhika to the railway station to melt Ganga. She also considers Sagar’s promise as fake as well. Ganga slaps Jhumki as she was speaking much against Shiv.

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The next morning, Shiv tells Savitri about a proposal for Aashi. He shares with her about a tradition to give jewelry if the proposal if fixed. Ganga comes outside. Shiv asks her to come along them as it’s about Aashi’s proposal. Ganga agrees to go.

At groom’s house, Ganga wants to go to washroom. She hears the guy arguing to his brother that he doesn’t want to marry that girl. She doesn’t hold a good past. His brother forces him to come along. Ganga stood outside, she clarifies whatever he has heard is right. Many people in the village know that Aashi liked a boy and trusted him, resultantly she was betrayed. Shiv comes there and hears Ganga speaking. Ganga said Aashi is really innocent, she was in search of true love.

In the room, Gangaa was worried that she can never be Shiv’s side. Jhumki watches Ganga then goes outside to throw a stone over the hive on tree. The honey bee fly to Ganga’s room. Jhumki comes to save Ganga and shuts the door of the room, in the corridor Jhumki says this must have been done by Shiv as he wants her to return to his room. Ganga says Shiv would never do so. Jhumki says Shiv has been attempting to remove the differences between her and his relation. Jhumki goes to sleep. Ganga thinks if Jhumki was right and goes to Shiv’s room. Savitri smirks.

Gangaa February 2020 Teasers

In the room, Riya teases Aashi for being shy. Shiv enters the room. Aashi complains to Shiv that Riya is teasing him. Aashi tells him to scold Riya, Shiv laughs while scolding Riya not to tease Aashi. Shiv tells Aashi he was thinking to wait for atleast three to four years. Aashi was shocked to hear. Ganga had come outside the room and thinks its not a good idea to speak to Shiv at this time. Aashi was upset and asks Shiv if they would agree.

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