Deception Wednesday 12 February 2020 Update Zee World

Deception Wednesday 12 February 2020 Update

Deception Wednesday 12 February 2020 Update

Deception Wednesday 12 February 2020 Update Zee World

At home, Yash says this is the limit and says I don’t wish that Naren behaves this way with Surbhi and says that girl is trapping your son.

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Rahul says seriously, Bhai and Surbhi are getting married, and until this Servant will be around him, she will woo him. He says even Bua have noticed Mohini in her. Pooja thinks why did Guru ji come to our house and thinks it might be his new trick. She feels pain in her head and faints. Dr. Anand holds her at right time and tries to make her get consciousness and asks what happened? Guru ji looks on.

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Dr. Anand takes her to ward and checks her fever. He says you have just 103 fever and asks did you take classes for scolding others. Pooja apologize. Deception; Doctor asks her to go home and return in the morning. Pooja says ok and steps down from the stretcher holding his hand. Doctor looks on and offers to drop her home. She refuses and thank him.

Harsha tells Harish that Pooja is after our sons. Harish says it is enough. Harsha says I have seen with my own eyes, and says she is after Naren and Mayank. Mayank comes and says it is enough. He says you didn’t think once before giving character certificate to Pooja and says even I used to hang out with girls and have coffee. He asks if you will give me character certificate. He tells Surbhi that Naren and Pooja’s relation is special and pure, and don’t think there is anything else. Yash says only Surbhi have the right on him after marriage. Yash asks Harishs to make Pooja separate from Naren’s life and says everything will be fine. Harish tells him that Pooja is Naren’s employee and he can’t ask him to fire her from job. Yash says what you are saying and says my daughter will not share her husband with anyone. Deception

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He asks why she talks about money always, and says Chunari was needed at pooja’s side and there is nothing wrong to help others. Rahul says you gave Surbhi’s rights to Pooja and saying there is nothing wrong. He tells Surbhi that whatever chunari, Surbhi wears is from his family. Neelima comes and says she has chunari which got made for Rahul’s wife. Rakesh looks upset. Neelima smiles looking at Rahul. She tells him that Surbhi worn chunari of his name. Rahul is happy. Rakesh tells Guru ji that Neelima and Rahul are playing tricks, but Surbhi will marry Mayank only. Guru ji looks on. Rakesh says Surbhi is keys to crores rs wealth and my son shall get that keys. Guru ji says Mayank will get that wealth and asks him to remember him after getting wealth. Rakesh smiles.

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Pooja looks at herself in mirror and thinks Naren did wrong. Surbhi and Shilpa come there. Pooja tries to return the chunari. Surbhi says it is good that Naren did right else don’t know what her mum in law would have done. Shilpa asks her to keep that chunari and says you can’t afford it and I will buy 20’s chunari for Surbhi later. She asks her to go so that Surbhi can change. Pooja goes and sees Naren. Naren talks to her. Pooja gets angry and asks him to leave her on her own. Naren asks what happened?

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